Rodelbahn ab der Hündeleskopfhütte in Pfronten im Allgäu
Tobogganing fun

Why not swap skis for runners? Tobogganing brings variety to winter sports. It’s a lot of fun – whether sporty and ambitious or leisurely with the family. At the same time, it requires little material effort and costs. Bavaria offers a great variety of natural toboggan runs. We’ve got 14 tips for you!

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14 Cool Toboggan Runs in Bavaria

Rodeln auf dem Hirscheckblitz

Hackl-Schorsch-Feeling: Hirscheckblitz

Fast and yet safe! The Hirscheckblitz near Ramsau in the Berchtesgadener Land region promises fast-paced tobogganing fun. After all, toboggan legend Georg Hackl helped design the course profile. The descent starts at the top station of the Hirscheck chairlift at an altitude of 1,390 metres.

Those who wish can ascend on a winter trail. It’s a winding and eventful descent over 400 metres in altitude to the valley station. Beginners and families also have fun on the course. Snow groomers regularly maintain and groom the trail. You can rent toboggans at the valley and mountain station of the Hirscheckbahn. The Hirschkaser mountain inn at the top station is a great place to stop for a bite to eat, with magnificent views of Mount Watzmann, Mount Hochkalter and Wimbach Valley.

  • Start at an altitude of approx. 1,390 metres
  • Length: 2.3 kilometres
  • Character: moderately difficult
  • Refreshment stop: “Hirschkaser” mountain inn (only in German) (only in German)

Schneeschuhtour auf das Fellhorn bei Reit im Winkl

Downhill fast: “Hindenburghütte” near Reit im Winkl

Either hike from Reit im Winkl or from the Blindau car park in about three hours or take a bus (from Tourist Info and Blindau car park) up to the Hemmersuppenalm area with the very cosy alpine inn “Hindenburghütte”. Here, after you’ve had a bite to eat, you can borrow a toboggan and practise on a small slope.

After enjoyable views of the mountain world, it’s time to descend. A four-kilometre track, where tobogganing competitions used to take place, runs downhill into the valley. It is considered demanding and is not suitable for small children and the inexperienced. From the “Hindenburghütte”, there is also a rolled winter hiking trail that leads through the alpine pasture area.

  • Start at an altitude of 1,213 metres
  • Length: 4 kilometres
  • Character: difficult
  • Refreshment stop: “Hindenburghütte” (only in German) (only in German)

Rodeln im Chiemsee-Alpenland: Rodelbahn von der Priener Hütte

Chiemgau-Spree: Departure from the “Priener Hütte”

One of the longest toboggan runs in Chiemgau! First, the ascent is on foot: From the large Geigelstein hikers’ car park in Sachrang, it takes about two and a half hours on a wide forest path and over 750 metres in altitude up to the “Priener Hütte”. It lies at an altitude of 1,410 metres in the middle of the Geigelstein nature reserve, at 1,808 metres the second highest peak in the Chiemgau Alps (the highest: Mount Sonntagshorn south of Ruhpolding at 1,961 metres).

Now you have earned a hearty snack. The cosy mountain inn bears the seal “This is how the mountains taste” and uses regional and organic ingredients wherever possible. The relatively easy descent follows the ascent route. One should go up attentively and sled down with foresight. The landscape is absolutely beautiful!

The Geigelstein ascent is accessible between 10:00 - 12:00 and 13:00 - 16:00, as the runway is otherwise used for supply runs, piste groomers etc.

  • Start at an altitude of 1,410 metres
  • Length: 7.8 kilometres
  • Character: moderately difficult
  • Refreshment stop: “Priener Hütte” (only in German)

Der Tegernsee: Rodeln am Wallberg

High above Lake Tegernsee: Wallberg

Mount Wallberg (1,722 metres) is a popular destination all year round. The view from above of Lake Tegernsee and the peaks of the foothills of the Alps is magnificent. The fastest way up is in one of the cable cars of the Wallbergbahn. It starts in Rottach-Egern. Once you have reached the top, we recommend stopping off at the “Wallberg” panorama restaurant with its panoramic 270-degree glass façade.

The toboggan run, which starts at the mountain station, is one of the longest and most sporty natural toboggan runs in Bavaria. Its altitude difference is 825 metres. It is only recommended for experienced tobogganists. Sturdy shoes, helmet and ski goggles should be part of the equipment. The track is freshly prepared every night. Sledges can be hired at the valley station.

Rodeln im Fichtelgebirge

Theatrical: Toboggan run at Luisenburg

The Luisenburg is a sea of rocks made of huge granite blocks. It extends near Wunsiedel in the Fichtel Mountains and was developed for tourism as early as the 18th century. The patron saint is Queen Luise of Prussia (1776 to 1810). The open-air stage, framed by rocks, is also well-known and hosts annual festivals from May to August.

From the upper car park of Luisenburg Castle, follow the ascent path to the toboggan run, a hiking trail, to near the rock group of Burgstein, at 869 metres the highest elevation in the area. From here, the toboggan run, which is prepared by volunteers, runs over a distance of a good kilometre back to the car park. Franconian inn culture is offered by the “Luisenburg Resort”.

  • Start at an altitude of 832 metres
  • Length: 1.3 kilometres
  • Character: easy
  • Refreshment stop: “Luisenburg Resort” (only in German)

Fichtel Mountains Bavaria


Multifaceted: Ochsenkopf

Mount Ochsenkopf, located in the middle of the triangle Warmensteinach - Fichtelberg -Bischofsgrün, is the second highest mountain in the Fichtel Mountains at 1,024 metres (the highest is Mount Schneeberg at 1,051 metres). Around Mount Ochsenkopf several toboggan runs invite you to have fun. The 130-metre-long course at the Bleaml-Alm in Fichtelberg-Neubau is the place for families.

If you want more exercise, choose the Fleckl-Grassemann toboggan run: park at the natural moorbath in Fleckl and descend to Grassemann, then walk back. With a good kilometre, it is the longest toboggan run in the region. Other tips: the piste at the south valley station of Mount Ochsenkopf chairlift in Fleckl near Warmensteinach and the toboggan run on the slope of the former Lattalift at the north valley station of the Mount Ochsenkopf chairlift in Bischofsgrün.

  • Length: 130 metres
  • Character: Easy
  • Refreshment stop: “Bleaml-Alm” (only in German)

Rodeln in Bodenmais im Bayerischen Wald

Family friendly or sporty: Hochzell and Scherau near Bodenmais

The Hochzell and Scherau forest toboggan runs near Bodenmais guarantee tobogganing fun for families and experts alike! From the bus stop or the Arberhochstraße hikers’ car park, north-east of Bodenmais, it is about 400 metres on foot until you reach the starting point of the “Scherau” family trail. It takes a little longer, 30 minutes, to reach the entrance to the steeper “Hochzell” route. It is recommended for the more experienced tobogganers.

Both tracks end in Scherau. From here it is a short walk to the nearest ski bus stop at the town hall or at the “Arbersee” inn on Arberseestraße. The Bodenmais winter bus – free of charge with the guest card – then transports the tobogganers back to the starting point on the Arberhochstraße.

  • Start at an altitude of 1,000 metres
  • Length: approx. 3 kilometres each
  • Character Scherau: easy, Hochzell: demanding
  • Refreshment stop: “Arbersee” inn, Arberseestraße 2, Bodenmais (only in German)

Winter am Großen Arber im Bayerischen Wald

Sunny rides: Grosser Arber

Let’s go to the sunny slope of Mount Grosser Arber! You first float up to the top station on the six-seater Sonnenhang chairlift (toboggan hire here). Those who want to can recharge in the “Arber Stadl”. The easy 1,200-metre toboggan run, which can also be mastered by children, already waits. It runs parallel to the ski slope, is wide and not very steep. Halfway along the trail, the “Berghaus Sonnenfels” invites you to stop off, at the finish the “Thurnhofstüberl”.

A free toboggan bus takes winter sports enthusiasts back to the start at the Sonnenhang chairlift. Tip for families: The children’s toboggan run in the “Arbär-Kinderland” at the “Thurnhofstüberl” with flat slopes offers good conditions for independent tobogganing adventures for the little ones. Four conveyor belts transport them towards their respective departures.

Rodeln am Hohenbogen

In the evening with floodlights: Hohenbogen

The Hohenbogen is an approximately eight-kilometre-long mountain range between Furth im Wald and Bad Kötzting. From Neukirchen b. Hl. Blood,  a chairlift leads up to the 1,050-metre-high mountain station. Tobogganers get off at the middle station. This is where the 700-metre-long winter toboggan run begins. It runs away from the ski slopes on its own route through the forest down to the valley station.

In the evening, floodlights illuminate the winter toboggan run! Alternatively, you can take a forest path. This one takes a wider path through the forest and is therefore flatter. It is suitable for families with small children when the pace should not be quite so brisk.

  • Start at an altitude of approx. 850 metres
  • Length: 700 metres
  • Character: moderately difficult
  • Refreshment stop: “Liftstüberl” at the valley station (only in German)


Small and fine: Riedlberg

The Riedlberg ski area is located near Drachselsried to the west of Mount Grosser Arber between Bodenmais and Bad Kötzting. A T-bar lift brings tobogganists up to the start. From the mountain station, you then take the approximately one-kilometre-long cable car down to the valley. The route is suitable for families.

For safety reasons, use of the T-bar lift is only possible with rental sledges (ride includes toboggan: Children three euros, adults four euros). The “Riedlberg Alm”, or “Oim” for short, with its sunny terrace invites winter sports enthusiasts to take a break. Parties are also held here on a regular basis. The wellness hotel “Riedlberg” is also located directly at the T-bar lift.

  • Start at an altitude of approx. 850 metres
  • Length: 1 kilometres
  • Character: easy
  • Refreshment stop: “Oim” and hotel restaurant “Riedlberg” (only in German)

Rodeln in Pfronten: Hündeleskopfhütte

Fun in the Mountain hut: Mount Breitenberg near Pfronten

The 1,838 metre high Mount Breitenberg is Pfronten’s local mountain. A six-and-a-half-kilometre natural toboggan run runs along its flank. Sledge hire is available at the valley station of the Breitenberg cable car. First the gondola, then the chairlift and a subsequent half-hour walk bring the tobogganers to the summit region. There you can enjoy a snack in the “Ostlerhütte” and enjoy the view of the Pfronten valley, the Allgäu Alps and the Tyrolean and Swiss mountains. Downhill you whiz along the Osterlforstweg forest path, alternating between leisurely and sporty passages.

At the finish, a free bus takes you back to the valley station of the Breitenberg cable car. Those who still have power can enjoy themselves on a four-kilometre natural toboggan run from Mount Edelsberg near Pfronten-Kappel - and have fun in the cosy “Hündeleskopfhütte” (vegetarian cuisine!) or the higher situated “Kappeler Alp”. Ascent on foot. For children, there’s a toboggan run at the Pfronten Steinach ski centre. (only in German)|

Am Mittagberg Rodeln

Fantastic views: Mount Mittagberg near Immenstadt

Mount Mittagberg rises 1,451 metres to the south of Immenstadt. It is part of the Hochgrat range and lies in the Nagelfluhkette Nature Park. Seen from Immenstadt, the sun is above the summit at noon: So the mountain indicates noon – hence the name (“Mittag” = noon, “Berg” = Mountain). A chairlift leads up to the summit. Those who wish can ascend on foot.

From the top, a natural toboggan run runs a good five kilometres down to Immenstadt – winter fun with wonderful views of the peaks of the Allgäu Alps. The lower part of the track leads through forest. You can quench your hunger and thirst at the “Gipfelwirt”, which offers food and drinks and a sun terrace, or at the “Rasthaus am Mittag” at the middle station. Toboggan rental at the valley station.

  • Start at an altitude of 1,451 metres
  • Length: 5.2 kilometres
  • Character: moderately difficult
  • Refreshment stop: “Gipfelwirt” and “Rasthaus am Mittag” (only in German) (only in German)

Bad Hindelang: Rodeln

Three of a kind: Hornbahn near Bad Hindelang

Bad Hindelang awaits sledders with three toboggan runs, each three and a half kilometres long. First, take the Hornbahn cable car up to the mountain inn “Zum Oberen Horn”, which offers hearty fare and a sun terrace at 1,314 metres above sea level. This is where the descents start. The yellow marked toboggan run is winding and requires skill and driving technique, it ends at the Hornbahn valley station. The blue route is a perfect family descent and is artificially snowed.

Once in Ostrachtal, a footpath leads back to the Hornbahn valley station in a few minutes. The red route shares the beginning with the blue one, then branches off to the right and moves in long sweeps past the Hornwiesen meadows into the Ostrachtal valley. After a half-hour walk, you are back at the Hornbahn.

  • Start at an altitude of 1,314 metres
  • Length: 3.5 kilometres each
  • Character: easy to moderately difficult
  • Refreshment stop: “Zum Oberen Horn” (only in German) (only in German)


Racy: Hochgratbahn near Oberstaufen

Der 1.834 Meter hohe Hochgrat, Hausberg von Oberstaufen, ist die höchste Erhebung der Nagelfluhkette. It is accessed by a gondola lift from Steibis. The natural toboggan run starts at an altitude of 1,708 metres at the mountain station, where there is also a restaurant. It is five kilometres long, fast-paced and sporty and leads in a large curve down to the valley station. With its hairpin bends, especially in the upper section, it demands quite a bit of skill from the tobogganers.

Be sure to stop at the “Staufner Haus” (1,614 metres). The hut of the DAV (“Deutschen Alpenvereins” = German Alpine Association) section Oberstaufen is a member of the campaign “So schmecken die Berge” (This is how the mountains taste), the ingredients used there come from regional producers and, if possible, from organic mountain farming. Vegetarian and vegan dishes are also served. The toboggan run ends after a total of five kilometres at the valley station.

  • Start at an altitude of 1,708 metres
  • Length: 5 kilometres
  • Character: difficult
  • Refreshment stop: “Bergrestaurant” and “Staufner Haus” (only in German), in winter from Thursday to Sunday (only in German)

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