Schneeschuhwandern in schneebedeckten Landschaften in den Allgäuer Alpen
The 16 most beautiful snowshoe tours

Snowshoe hikes are a special experience to trudge through snow-covered forests and across snow-covered meadows. The rule is: follow the official routes and, if needed, go on tour with a guide. Author: Markus Stein

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16 Great Snowshoe Hikes in Bavaria

Snowshoeing in the Bavarian Forest: On the way to the summit of the Brotjacklriegel

Ammergau Alps: Nature-Friendly Hike to the Stierkopf Mountain

This is one of the most beautiful snowshoe tours in the Ammergau Alps: the hike to the Stierkopf. It stands 1,535 metres high in the east of Unterammergau (836 metres). You start there at the Kappel church and trek up to the Hörnle-Alm. After crossing the Hinteres Hörnle (1,548 metres), you reach the summit after a steep slope with magnificent views of the Alpine foothills and the Zugspitze. From here you walk down to the Drei Marken and further down the valley back to the starting point in Unterammergau.

This medium-difficulty tour takes about four hours and involves 850 metres of altitude gain. Its course was designed as part of the Alpine Club project "Environmentally-friendly ski mountaineering". If you wish, you can stop at the Hörnle Hut before reaching the Hinteres Hörnle, after a detour via Mittleres and Vorderes Hörnle. The Romanshöhe mountain restaurant (959 metres) is reached towards the end of the tour. Unterammergau can be reached by public transport.

  • Character: moderately difficult
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Altitude: 850 metres

More info at:

Aussicht auf das winterliche Tegernseer Tal


Tegernsee-Schliersee: From Kreuth to the Schwarzentenn-Alm and Buchstein Hut

The Buchstein Hut (1,260 metres), built in 1932, is idyllically located in the Tegernsee Valley in the area of Kreuth. The village is part of the "Mountaineering Villages" initiative. The trail there follows well-signposted forest roads. The lively Schwarzenbach stream and the wintry forest give the tour a beautiful backdrop.

You start in Kreuth Klamm to the north and walk for about ten minutes on the forest road before trail 604 turns west to the left side of the Schwarzenbach. Along the stream, you now climb a total of 300 metres in altitude through the forest. When the trail leaves the forest, it is not far to the Schwarzentenn-Alm, the first opportunity for a cosy refreshment stop.

If you still feel like it, set off from the Schwarzentenn-Alm and continue hiking on trail 609 to the Buchstein Hut, again 300 metres in altitude. The way back follows the same route as the ascent. Kreuth can be reached by train and bus. Trains run hourly from Munich to Tegernsee, from there with RVO line 9556 to the mountain climbing village of Kreuth, bus stop Kreuth Klamm.

  • Character: easy
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Altitude: 478 metres

More info at: (only in German)

Winterlicher Blick auf die Priener Hütte im Chiemsee Alpenland


Schleching in Chiemgau: Via the Blasi-Alm to Ettenhausen

Schleching is located in the Achen valley south of Lake Chiemsee and has been awarded the title of "mountain village". The village advocates low-impact tourism and sustainability. The easy hike runs in a mostly solitary manner through wintry forest. You start in Au in Schleching at the hikers' car park and follow the signs towards Haidenholzalm. The trail climbs for the first two kilometres and offers beautiful views of Schleching. At the listed Blasi-Alm at 920 metres, built in 1833, turn left at the fork towards the Geigelstein/Ettenhausen car park. A wide path first leads downhill, then flat past the Knogler-Lahner-Steig and then climbs slightly again.

After reaching a forest path, turn left downhill towards the Geigelstein car park and after 30 minutes turn left again at another junction. The trail runs along the Schneiderhanggraben but beware: sledgers can come hurtling down from above here! After ten minutes turn left, then over a bridge and shortly afterwards you reach the Geigelstein car park. The start and end points can also be reached by bus during the week (line 9509, stops Schleching Schule and Ettenhausen).

  • Character: easy
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Altitude: 400 metres

More info and GPS data at: (only in German)

Mountainbiker auf der Kühroint im Berchtesgadener Land


Berchtesgadener Land: To the Grünstein and Kühroint-Alm

The Grünstein and the Kühroint-Alm near Schönau at the Königssee are hiking classics in every season. The 1,300-metre-high Grünstein is particularly enticing with its magnificent views of the Berchtesgaden mountains around Königssee. The tour is particularly attractive in winter with snowshoes.

Hikers with more stamina continue from Grünstein to Kühroint-Alm and the famous Archenkanzel vantage point. The ascent begins at the Hammerstiel car park in Hinterschönau and continues along the signposted summer trail in a south-easterly direction up to the Grünstein Hut (open on weekends in good weather).

Continue to the summit and enjoy the view of the Königssee! From the Grünstein Hut, the route leads gently up and down over to the Kühroint-Alm. A little further on, at the Archenkanzel, spectacular views of the lake are once again impressive. The way back leads past the Kühroint-Alm down to the Schapbach-Alm and back to the starting point.

  • Character: difficult
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Altitude: 900 metres

More info at: (only in German)

Schneeschuhwandern auf das Fellhorn in Reit im Winkl

Reit im Winkl: From the Hemmersuppenalm up the Fellhorn

SPONSORED POST The 1,765-metre Fellhorn near Reit im Winkl is one of the most beautiful snowshoe peaks in the Chiemgau Alps. On clear days, the view stretches from the nearby Kaiser Mountains and the Chiemgau neighbours far into the Berchtesgaden Alps and the Hohe Tauern.

At the same time, the trail is quite demanding, with a length of 10 km and 652 metres in altitude if you start from the Hindenburg Hut (shuttle bus service from Reit im Winkl).

You quickly leave the lively hut surroundings with cross-country ski trails and winter hiking trails, only occasionally encountering the green DAV signs. Most of the time you trudge through quiet, deeply snow-covered mountain forest and wide alpine pastures.
Tip: Local snowshoe guides offer guided tours to the Fellhorn.

More information at: Reit im Winkl-Schneeschuhtouren

Bergblick auf die verschneiten Allgäuer Alpen


Pfronten: A Nature-Friendly Climb Up the Schönkahler

The Schönkahler is located in Ostallgäu between Pfronten and Zöbeln in the Tannheim Mountains. It is 1,688 metres tall. The border between Germany and Austria runs across its heights. From the summit you have a wonderful view of the Allgäu mountains. The path up over flat terrain is an easy, popular tour for snowshoe hikers. The route is designated as environmentally friendly.

You start at the hikers' car park in Achtal, south of Pfronten, in the direction of Tannheimer Tal. Essentially, the ascent follows the summer trail. First you head west over the bridge of the Kotbach stream to the edge of the forest. Then turn left, i.e. south. You reach a new wide path that leads to a free high hollow near an alpine pasture. Then continue westwards to the saddle between Pirschling and Schönkahler and over the broad ridge northwards to the summit. The descent follows the same route.

  • Character: moderately difficult
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Altitude: 650 metres

More info at:

Schneebedeckte Landschaften in den Allgäuer Alpen laden zum Schneeschuhwandern ein


Oberjoch: Wertach Spring Area

A day tour for snowshoe beginners: varied terrain, not too steep slopes, avalanche-safe and a cosy stop for refreshments. The spring area is located north of Oberjoch in the Tannheim Valley. The landscape is partly wooded, the spring area is a boggy terrain interspersed with mountain pines. However, large areas are open and offer beautiful views of the surrounding area and the peaks of the Tannheim Mountains.

Start at the car park on the L310 south of the Spieser lifts. Turn south, preferably not on the winter hiking trails, but alongside them in the terrain. After a while you reach the boggy area, recognisable by the occasional mountain pine. Continue eastwards, then, after crossing the Kaltenbrunnenbach and Eggbach streams, climb "onto the Egg" in open terrain. After further ups and downs, the Schattwalder Moorweiher comes into view. The panorama to the south with the Tannheim peaks is magnificent!

East of the grove, the trail continues in a northerly direction, then behind the settlement of Krummenbach towards Krummenbacher Berg. The descent on the west side to the "Untere Schwande" alpine pasture is a delight, you should not miss a stop there! After the break, it's only ten minutes to the starting point.

  • Character: easy:
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Altitude: 270 metres

More information at schneeschuhtouren-allgaeu (only in German)

schneebedeckte Landschaft in den Allgäuer Alpen


Alpsee-Grünten: Snowshoe Tour to Sonthofer Hof

Start in Hofen, south of Sonthofen. Follow the signs to "Alpe Sonthofer Hof". After a good hour's climb, you reach the alpine pasture at an altitude of 1,141 metres. It is located in the middle of the pastures below the Sonthofener Hörnles and offers a beautiful view. The alp is open on weekends in winter.

After a hearty snack, the route continues across mountain meadows to the "Altstädter Hof" (1,250 m, no catering in winter). The route then leads through quiet winter forest back to the starting point. If visibility is good, the snowshoe tour promises a view of the peaks, stretching from the Grünten over the Hörnergruppe to Kleinwalsertal.

  • Character: moderately difficult
  • Duration: 3 hours 45 minutes
  • Altitude: 470 metres

More information at: (only in German)

Blick auf den verschneiten Allgäuer Ort Oberstaufen


Oberstaufen: Round Tour to the Steinernes Tor

This sunny snowshoe tour runs along the high plateau between Imberg and Kojenstein to the south of Oberstaufen. Athletic walkers hike from the Imbergbahn valley station via the Imberg-Alpe to the mountain station (300 metres in altitude), or you can take the Imbergbahn gondola up. From the mountain station (1,200 metres), the tour first leads in the direction of "Alpengasthof Hochbühl" (open in winter). Now either pass below the T-bar lift or follow the piste for a while, then cross and continue to the "Alphütte Häuslers Gschwend" (self-catering hut). From there, climb uphill to just below the crest. Continue west towards the "Steinernes Tor", a rock passage.

On the way, you can enjoy great views over the snow-covered high moor to the Hohe Häderich, Falken and other peaks of the Nagelfluhkette. At the "Steinernen Tor", it's only a few metres down to the "Alpstüble Moos", where you can stop for a bite to eat. Then follow the signs via the "Alpe Glutschwanden" and "Alpengasthof Hochbühl" back to the starting point at the Imbergbahn mountain station.

  • Character: moderately difficult
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Altitude: 300 metres

More info and GPS data at: (only in German)

Verschneite Landschaft im Fichtelgebirge


Fichtelgebirge: Guided Tours and Winter Hiking Day Ochsenkopf

The Fichtelgebirge Nature Park offers guided snowshoe hikes. They range from two-hour hikes to half- and full-day tours and overnight excursions. Equipment can be hired. Starting points include the "Bayreuther Haus" mountain inn southwest of Mehlmeisel (easy tour through high forest around the mountain inn, three hours duration) and the car park at the Ochsenkopfbahn Süd in Fleckl (medium-difficulty tour to the Ochsenkopf-Seehaus, four to five hours duration). The Fichtelgebirgsverein also leads snowshoe tours through the snow-covered landscape, on Sundays and Wednesdays in high season, depending on the weather.

Snowshoe hikers will find a wide range of activities during the 5th German Winter Hiking Day, which will take place from 18 to 22 January 2023 in the Ochsenkopf adventure region. "A winter hiking day in the Fichtelgebirge not only offers hikes in the fresh air of Upper Franconia. It is altogether a feel-good event. In the Fichtelgebirge you will find thermal spas, a wide variety of accommodation and places to stop for a bite to eat, and first-class regional cuisine," promises Bavarian Minister-President Dr. Markus Söder in his welcoming address to the event.

More information at: und (only in German)

Impressive granite rock formations line the way


Fichtel Mountains

Panorama tour between Wülfersreuth and Schweinsbach

This easy taster tour starts at the "Am Kellerhaus" hikers' car park in Wülfersreuth near Bischofsgrün, a loop between two clearing islands with views of the Ochsenkopf and Frankenwald, plus forest passages. Start in an easterly direction, find the snowshoe trail markings (stylised snowshoe runners) at the edge of the forest and follow this through the spruce forest to the intersection with a forest road. Turn left here and follow the forest road for one kilometre.

You then meet circular trail 3 and the snowshoe trail, which lead to the "Schweinsbach" forest inn. The trail then climbs over a small clearing island before the hiker is taken up by spruce woods and the marked snowshoe trail leads back to Wülfersreuth (where there is a refreshment stop). Finally, you can make additional loops on the wide meadows or hike along the settlement back to the starting point.

  • Character: easy
  • Distance: 5 kilometres
  • Altitude: 130 metres

More info at:

Schneeschuhtour im Fichtelgebirge


Fichtelgebirge: On the Großen Kornberg

This small round tour is well ideal if you want to try snowshoeing. The Große Kornberg is 827 metres high and lies in the north-east of the Fichtelgebirge. You can park your car directly at the Vorsuchhütte, the starting point.

The first part of the trail is a bit steep, but you’ll follow a nice path through the forest. After a while you reach a ski slope and continue uphill along its left edge until you reach the highest point with the Schönburgwarte, from which you have a beautiful view when the weather is nice. The square tower is 26 metres high, 114 steps lead up to it. The route continues along Kornbergerallee, if it is cleared, walk along the edge of the forest, then turn sharply east into Martinlamitzer Weg and return along it to the Vorsuchhütte.

  • Character: easy
  • Distance: 5.5 kilometres
  • Altitude: 216 metres

More info and GPS data at: (only in German)

Schneeschuhwanderer im verschneiten Bayerischen Wald


Rhön: From Oberweißenbrunn to Himmeldunkberg

The Rhön is the "Land of open distances". Forests, basalt peaks, plateaus, moors and villages characterise the landscape of the low mountain range, which rises to almost 1,000 metres. It stretches along the border between Bavaria, Hesse and Thuringia.

An easy, beautiful, often trail-less snowshoe tour in the Bavarian Rhön runs near Oberweißenbrunn. The highest village in Lower Franconia, six kilometres northwest of Bischofsheim, has developed into a small winter sports spot. Mountains in the vicinity include the Kreuzberg, Himmeldunkberg, Teufelsberg and Arnsberg.

Start from the eastern outskirts of Oberweißenbrunn and head north towards Rockenstein and on to the 888-metre Himmeldunkberg, from whose summit wide panoramic views open up. Now continue eastwards to the "Würzburger Bergbundhütte" (open on weekends, drinks only). From there back south to the start.

  • Character: easy
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Distance: 5 kilometres
  • Altitude: 260 metres

GPS data at: (only in German)

Winterliche Landschaft des Nationalparks Bayerischer Wald


Bavarian Forest: From Rettenbach to Hirschenstein

This popular circular snowshoe hike starts at the Rettenbach hikers' car park, south-east of Sankt Englmar. Follow hiking trail 8 uphill. After about two kilometres you’ll reach the Goldsteig trail and turn right. Continue along hiking trail 8 until you reach the Hirschenstein (1,089 metres) with its lookout tower and a small shelter. The brick tower offers distant views to the southwest over the Danube plain to the edge of the Alps and to the east to the Bavarian Forest mountains.

Continue on the Goldsteig trail for about 500 metres. You reach a forest road and turn right onto it. Then after another 500 metres, turn left towards Schuhfleck. At the Schuhfleck junction, follow hiking trail 8. The next few kilometres are on a forest road. Then the trail turns left into a path. Follow this to Loderwinkel, cross a meadow and return to Rettenbach via a paved road. A great snowshoe tour for a sunny winter afternoon!

  • Character: moderately difficult
  • Duration: 3 to 4 hours
  • Altitude: 370 metres

More info at: (only in German)

Bergblick im Bayerischen Wald in Ostbayern am Falkenstein


Bavarian Forest National Park: Up to the Großer Falkenstein

The Großer Falkenstein is 1,315 metres high and lies to the south-east of Bayerisch Eisenstein. The challenging snowshoe hike begins at the P1 Zwieslerwaldhaus car park in the municipality of Lindberg.
First follow the road towards Zwieslerwaldhaus, then turn right and follow the "Eibe" markings towards Falkenstein. Soon the trail branches off to the left onto a forest path. In the National Park it is important to use only the marked trails to protect the animals in winter.

The route climbs towards Falkenstein, past rocks to Kleiner Falkenstein and on through mountain spruce forest to Großer Falkenstein, whose summit rewards the effort with sweeping views. After a stop at the Falkenstein shelter, open daily from 26 December to 6 January, otherwise only on weekends, you hike down the "Goldsteig" trail towards the Zwieslerwaldhaus.

The trail leads through clear-cut areas caused by hurricane Kyrill in 2007; the wood was subsequently removed. Continue along the "Goldsteig" until you reach the Ruckowitzschachten (Schachten are clearings created by humans and used as pastures). Afterwards, the Goldsteig descends more steeply and reaches the primeval forest area Mittelsteighütte. At the next junction, follow the 'Ant' marking over a bridge, leave the primeval forest area and reach the tarred road again.

  • Character: difficult
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Distance: 10.7 kilometres
  • Altitude: 610 metres

More info and GPS data at: (only in German) und (only in German)

Schneebedeckte Dächer des Freilichtmuseums in Finsterau


Bavarian Forest National Park: Through the Finsterauer Filz to the Old Hermitage

The village of Finsterau lies at an altitude of about 1,000 metres in the district of Freyung-Grafenau. The start of the moderately difficult snowshoe tour is the Wistlberg car park. From there, follow the "Black grouse" markings in the direction of Finsterauer Filz until you reach the moorland. An information board informs about the former peat extraction as well as the renaturation of the areas. Continue with the "Black grouse" through dense, mystical-looking forest before reaching the Alte Klause and the forest thins out again. Now with the new marking "Hauptwanderweg" (main hiking trail) in the direction of Oberes Reschbachtal.

The forest shows all its facets, from windthrow and bark beetle areas to dense old-growth stands. Turn left at a junction and follow the "Waldschaf" markings to the Finsterau Farm Museum. After a possible visit to the museum (open 25 December to April, 11 am to 4 pm), choose the cycle path marking "National Park Cycle Path" in the direction of Bučina. From the Igelbus stop Finsterau, Hotel Bärnriegel, take the "Via Nova" markings back to the car park.

  • Character: moderately difficult
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Distance: 6.5 kilometres
  • Altitude: 170 metres

More info and GPS data at: (only in German) and

Ausblick vom Berg Lusen im Nationalpark Bayerischen Wald


Bavarian Forest National Park: From Waldhäuser to Lusen

From the hikers' car park in Waldhäuser, you first head uphill on the Lusenstraße. At the Waldhausreibe, turn left in the direction of the glass ark. This impressive work of art shows a huge wooden hand holding a glass boat which is five metres long and weighs three tonnes. Here you turn right onto a long climb and reach the Lusen (1,173 metres) via the so-called Himmelsleiter (ladder to heaven).

The route leads down via the Lusen Schutzhaus, follows the "Lynx" marking, reaches the Waldhausreibe again and heads for the Glasarche again. There, however, you now branch off to the left and follow the hiking trail in the direction of Teufelsloch (Devil's Hole). You walk over wooden steps and then turn left down into the valley. Pass the Teufelsloch (Devil's Hole) and follow the path, which is steep in parts, downhill. At the Martinsklause, change to the "Zaunkönig" hiking trail and follow it. Finally, you reach the starting point, the hikers' car park in Waldhäuser.

  • Character: moderately difficult:
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Distance: 10.3 kilometres
  • Altitude: 470 metres

More info at: (only in German) and (only in German)

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