Nürnberg: Den schönsten Blick über die Altstadt hat man von der Burg aus
City Breaks in Bavaria

Bavaria's Towns and Cities are perfect for short breaks full of enjoyment, fun, flair and unforgettable cultural experiences. Our listicles for the larger and smaller towns tell you what you shouldn't miss under any circumstances.

Sights in Bavarian Towns and Cities

We have compiled lists of the best sights, top attractions and most beautiful experiences in Bavarian cities.

Of course, this includes everything worth seeing in big cities like Munich, Nuremberg, Würzburg, Regensburg, Bamberg, Passau and Augsburg. But smaller, perhaps lesser-known cities such as Memminen, Kempten, Coburg, Erlangen, Berchtesgaden, Nördlingen and Lindau also delight visitors with popular monuments and city squares worth seeing.

Our listicles list between 8 and 23 sights and top attractions that you should definitely not miss on your city trip.

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Rathausplatz in Ingolstadt mit altem Rathaus und Pfeifturm

12 Tips for Ingolstadt

Which locations, museums, parks and other sights are well worth a visit? We reveal what you should see and experience in Ingolstadt.

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Memmingen: Die Memminger Ach ist der 36 Kilometer langer Nebenfluss der Iller

10 Memmingen tips

In addition to the Witches' Tower, the Siebendächerhaus and the Basilica of St. Martin, there are seven other experiences that you should not miss in

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Die Pfarrkirche St. Andreas (links) und die Stiftskirche St. Peter und Johannes der Täufer (rechts)

10 Berchtesgaden Tips

What else should you see, experience and taste in Berchtesgaden and the surrounding area aside from Königssee, Jenner and Obersalzberg?

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Fußgängerzone und Flaniermeile in der Altstadt von Bayreuth

10 Bayreuth Tips

Which buildings, museums, monuments and other sights are worth a visit? We reveal to you here all the great things to see and experience in Bayreuth

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Richard Strauss Fountain by the Oberammergau sculptor Hans Schwaighofer

10 Tips for Garmisch-Partenkirchen

What can you do in Garmisch-Partenkirchen? Which sights are worth a visit? We reveal what you should see and experience

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Blick auf die Nördlinger Altstadt vom Turm Daniel der St. Georgs-Kirche

8 Nördlingen Tips

Daniel, city wall, Ries Crater Museum and five other sights and experiences you shouldn't miss when visiting Nördlingen

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Bamberg: Abenddämmerung in den Altstadtgassen

Five Times the Love for City Thrills

Blogger Sarah Eichhorn (Josie Loves) looked around the five Bavarian towns of Füssen, Erlangen, Landshut, Fürth and Dachau and introduces them to you

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