Regensburg: Aus dem ehemaligen Römerlager Castra Regina hat sich eine vielfältige Stadt entwickelt
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Cathedral, Stone Bridge, House of Art, Wurstkuchl and seven other experiences that should not be missed when visiting Regensburg

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Blick über Donau auf die Regensburger Altstadt, die seit 2006 ein UNESCO-Welterbe ist

Regensburg Cathedral

Imposing both inside and out: St. Peter’s is a Gothic masterpiece where the Domspatzen boys’ choir performs each Sundays. With delicate glass paintings and the ornate high altar, it is not to be missed, especially not by those who appreciate outstanding religious architecture. (only in German)

Die Steinerne Brücke in Regensburg führt direkt in die Altstadt

Steinerne Brücke

A landmark and truly unique: in the Middle Ages it was deemed a wonder of the world, and even today the Steinerne Brücke (Stone bridge) should be on any Regensburg itinerary. It connects the old town with the Stadtamhof district.

Regensburg: Das Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte präsentiert Bayerns Geschichte multimedial mit mehr als tausend Exponaten

House of Bavarian History

Award-winning attraction: opened in 2019 and applauded for its architecture, the museum covers 2,500 square metres and presents the history of Bavaria through more than 1,000 exhibits. With its modern and multimedia displays, it has become one of Regensburg’s most popular attractions.

Regensburg: Nur 30 Minuten von Regensburg entfernt thront seit 1842 die Walhalla, ein einem griechischen Tempel ähnelnde Prachtbau


Poets, philosophers, panoramic views: just 30 minutes from Regensburg, the Walhalla has reigned high above the Danube since 1842. Reminiscent of a Greek temple, this magnificent building pays homage through 131 marble busts and 65 memorial tablets to important personalities (mostly male) from the world of politics, science and art as well as historical events.

Oase für Ruhesuchende: Der Herzogspark in Regensburg


An oasis of peace: this park on the western edge of the old town is noted for its wonderful lawns and flower beds, trees from all across the world and a charming Renaissance garden. (only in German)

Regensburg: Die Wöhrdinsel und die Pappelallee ist ein Paradies für Spaziergänger und Fahrradfahrer

Oberer Wöhrd

This island in the river is a paradise for walkers and those in search of peace and tranquillity. A particular highlight is its avenue of 38 old, gnarled poplars, which winds along the northern arm between the Danube and the Wöhrdbad pool.

Historische Wurstküche in Regensburg

Historic Wurstkuchl

Workers have been spending their lunch break here since the Middle Ages: the historic Wurstkuchl has stood right next to the Steinerne Brücke for over 500 years – offering home-made sausages cooked over the open charcoal grill and home-made sauerkraut.

Regensburg: Grieser Spitz, wo der Regen in die Donau fließt baden ein paar Jugendliche


Island flair: Regensburg’s smallest district, surrounded by rivers and canals, may be quiet and sedate but has a lot to offer. Stroll through narrow streets or to the Grieser Spitz, where the Regen flows into the Danube. The district is also home to churches, galleries, cafés and beer gardens, such as the legendary “Auer Bräu”.

Andre Maier: Mural Art des Künstlers am Eingang des Kulturzentrums

Art bar „Degginger“

Culture and coffee in the heart of the old town, a meeting point for creative types. People come together here for exhibitions, concerts, readings - or simply to share a glass of wine and good food from the weekly changing menu. (only in German)


'Toadstool'-Kiosk im Schlosspark

Kiosks in the shape of toadstools were all the rage in the 50s and 60s. One of the last of its kind can be seen in the park around St. Emmeran’s Palace. The “Schwammerl” makes a charming coffee stop after a visit to the staterooms of St. Emmeram's Palace.

Regensburg von oben

Regensburg from above

A beautiful view with your aperitif: from the stylish roof terrace of the “Storstad” restaurant you have a great view over the rooftops of Regensburg. For those looking for something more modest: the tower of the Church of the Holy Trinity and the Brückturm Museum both offer great panoramic views.

Regensburg: Das Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte ist für seine Architektur ausgezeichnet

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