Rathausplatz in Ingolstadt mit altem Rathaus und Pfeifturm

Which locations, museums, parks and other sights are well worth a visit? We reveal what you should see and experience in Ingolstadt. Text: Markus Stein

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12 Things to Do & See in Ingolstadt

View from the Kreuztorturm to the Liebfrauenmünster in Ingolstadt


The late Gothic cathedral, unfinished due to lack of funds, dominates the cityscape, and can be seen particularly clearly from the city’s “Pfeifturm” tower. The roof truss of the parish church is three times larger than that of Notre-Dame in Paris. Inside, you will find a magnificent folding altarpiece. On certain occasions, the south tower can also be explored by guests.
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Asam-Kirche Maria de Victoria

Truly a jewel of the Rococo period from 1732 to 1736. The phenomenal ceiling fresco by Cosmas Damian Asam, in a church hall that measures just ten metres in height, and which is designed as a hall building, is unique. It depicts Mary as Queen of the Heavens and Mediator of Divine Graces. August to October every Sunday at 12 noon, organ matine.

Barocke Orangerie mit Duft- Tastgarten und Alte Anatomie in Ingolstadt

Alte Anatomie

The magnificent late Baroque building, complete with beautiful garden, is home to the Museum of Medical History. The highly informative and permanent exhibition documents the history of medicine from antiquity to the present. The “medicinal garden”, as well as the “scent and touch garden” are also recommende.
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Ingolstadt Audi Forum

Audi Forum Ingolstadt

All things cars: new car collection, factory tour, the Audi museum mobile with around a hundred motorbikes and cars, as well as restaurants, cinema and concert event.



Documentary location in the writer’s birthplace (1901 to 1974), who was a friend of Bertolt Brecht and Lion Feuchtwanger, among others. She influenced playwrights such as Fassbinder, Sperr and Kroet.
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Außenansicht des Lechner Museums in Ingolstadt

Lechner Museum

International contemporary art and works by steel sculptor Alf Lechner (1925 to 2017) in the former “Autounion” factory building.



Museum für Konkrete Kunst

The “Museum für Konkrete Kunst” showcases non-representational art in painting, sculpture, film or installations that does not seek to depict the visible world.
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Rathausplatz in Ingolstadt mit altem Rathaus und Pfeifturm


In the heart of the old town, next to St. Moritz – Ingolstadt’s oldest parish church – rises the Gothic “Pfeifturm” (pictured left). It is 63 metres high and offers a beautiful panoramic view of Ingolstadt and the surrounding area. Guided tours available via Ingolstadt Tourismus.

Neues Schloss (Bayrisches Armeemuseum) und moderne Kunst

New Palace

Built in the first half of the 15th century by Duke Ludwig, today, it is home to the Bavarian Army Museum with historic weapons, armour, pewter figures and mor.


Gaststätte „Daniel“ in Ingolstadt

A place to stay: “Daniel” and “Weissbräuhaus zum Herrnbräu”

The beginnings of “Daniel” (pictured right) date back to the 15th century, with Bavarian cuisine and revived in-house brewery, Roseneckstr. 1.

A glockenspiel in front of the traditional “Weissbräuhaus zum Herrnbräu” lets the Bavarian “Defiliermarsch” – a piece of music composed in Ingolstadt – ring out every day at 12 noon! Dollstr. 3.

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Jazz Festival

The festival, which lasts several days and features internationally renowned artists, takes place every year in November in various locations.
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Das Kreuztor in Ingolstadt

Kreuztor Gate

Just a few steps away from the “Liebfrauenmünster” is the city’s landmark – the “Kreuztor”. Exhibitions and other cultural events are regularly held in the medieval double-gated complex made of red brick. During this time, the Kreuztor is also accessible for guests.

Neues Schloss in Ingolstadt (Bayrisches Armeemuseum) und moderne Kunst

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Neues Schloss in Ingolstadt (Bayrisches Armeemuseum) und moderne Kunst


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