Bad Steben ist auch optisch ein Hingucker
Sweat and Relax!

Bavaria is bubbling and steaming! Thermal water with healing properties ensures well-being and relaxation. And when you use the sauna, you simply sweat away the stress. 13 hot tips for deep relaxation

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Spa and Thermal Baths in Bavaria: 13 Tips

Das Rosenmineralbad trägt zur Entspannung bei

Regal: Bad Steben

As early as 1832, Steben in the Hofer Land region of Upper Franconia was promoted to Royal Bavarian State Spa. The centrepiece is the listed spa park with the historic columned hall and the former bathhouse by star architect Leo von Klenze. Bad Steben is one of the few spas in Europe where the remedies carbonic acid, radon and moor occur simultaneously and are used for drinking and bathing cures: for pain relief, anti-inflammation and relaxation.

The health and wellness centre is adjoined by a spa with water worlds. These include the large bathing hall, a separate whirlpool, brine pool, slate steam and aroma grotto and the “pavilions of hearing and feeling”. They fascinate with sound and light installations.

Seven saunas and steam baths invite you to sweat – with Finnish Kelo log cabins, Onsen hot pools, event spa and sky pool. In summer there is access to the outdoor swimming pool with slides and playground. A restaurant and café provide culinary delights. Oh yes, with a bit of luck, the state casino could also be a fountain of health – for the travel fund. (only in German)

Abends ist die Rupertustherme rot beleuchtet und ersteckt sich vor dem faszinierenden Bergmassiv

Bavarian Primordial Sea: Rupertus Spa in Bad Reichenhall

Salt from a primordial sea has been resting inside the Bavarian Alps for more than 250 million years. Dissolved by spring water, the salt becomes liquid alpine brine. Alpine brine, rich in minerals and trace elements, also flows into the Rupertus Spa in the Bavarian state spa Bad Reichenhall. With temperatures ranging from 32 to 40 degrees, it feeds the indoor and outdoor pools and steam baths.

The brine is good for the skin, strengthens the immune system and loosens the muscles. Panoramic windows on a gallery level with whirlpool provide a view of the mountains of the Berchtesgaden Alps. And a pool with twelve percent salt concentration makes visitors “float”.

The large sauna area with Finnish saunas, earth sauna, salt gallery sauna and more, as well as the alpine-style outdoor area with natural pond and wooden decking, creates a holiday feeling. A family pool with activities and fun is attached, as well as a wellness and fitness centre. The spa is named after St.  Rupert, patron saint of salt miners and salt workers.

Lightness of Being: Franconian Spa Bad Windsheim

Float along almost weightlessly! A relaxing bathing experience awaits visitors in the “Franconian Dead Sea”. It is the highlight of the spa in Bad Windsheim in Middle Franconia. A salt content of 26.9 per cent provides buoyancy in the lake, which is partly covered by a dome and heated all year round.

The brine is extracted from a depth of 200 metres. One and a half to twelve percent brine concentration can also be found in six thermal brine pools, with temperatures ranging from 30 to 36 degrees. Three times a day, “floating experiences” for all senses are staged in the modern architectural ambience under the motto “Sinn-fonie” (“Sinn” is German for sense): with light shows and room-filling sounds.

In addition, the Franconian Spa offers an aroma steam bath, salt steam bath, experience showers, a sauna area and a wellness area. And photo-brine therapy – bathing in water with a high brine content and UV light – is offered for the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases. (only in German)

Das Alexandersbad ist Innen und Außen stylisch designed

Stylish: Bad Alexandersbad

The Alexbad in Bad Alexandersbad attracts attention with minimalist, cubic architecture. The patron saint of the Upper Franconian mineral and mud spa, where a healing spring (carbonic acid and iron) was discovered in 1734, is the last margrave of the principality of Bayreuth. The Alexbad is a modern extension of the Old Spa House from the 19th century.

In addition to rooms for therapy and wellness treatments and a fitness park, it houses a spa with several pools and a sauna area. From the largest pool you have a beautiful view of the Fichtel Mountains, the warmest pool is 35 degrees, and a balcony pool combines massage jets with fresh air under the open sky. Loungers and lounging areas are used for relaxation.

You can sweat in a Finnish sauna (90 degrees), in the spruce-scented sanarium (60 degrees) and in the steam bath (45 degrees). The relaxation room pampers you with reclining islands and a medicinal water bath. An attractive change for water lovers: Forest bathing is also offered at the Alexbad. (only in German)


Abendstimmung in der Therme Bad Wörishofen

South Sea Flair: Spa Bad Wörishofen

The thermal healing water in Bad Wörishofen in the Allgäu region comes from a depth of 1,100 metres. It contains iodide, fluoride and brine. Spa guests can enjoy it in eight different pools, 34 to 37 degrees warm. The water is said to have a healing effect, for example, for osteoporosis or diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

The spacious “thermal paradise” radiates South Sea flair with its many palm trees, 170 sunbathing places invite you to relax. In four “health pools” the thermal water is additionally enriched with brine, sulphur, iodine-selenium as well as calcium and lithium. A “vitality trail” leads through a zinc-base bath, mineral bath and a “vitamin spring”, plus a Kneipp trail to promote circulation. You can enjoy warmth in the herbal hot bath, in two steam baths and a herbal sauna (80 degrees), and breathe ionised air in the salt stadium.

Wellness and activity offers, massages and beauty treatments complement the health programme. New: In the “Panorama Lounge” you can look out over the bathing area from beach chair-like relaxation islands that you can rent. The “Vitalbad & Sauna” area pampers with fifteen sauna and wellness attractions as well as infusion and beauty extras. The highlight: in summer, the thermal baths, vitality pool and saunas become an outdoor pool thanks to the opening glass domes. Attached to the pool is a 25-metre sports pool with a temperature of 28 degrees, a children’s pool and slides.


Bad Griesbach ist bei schlechtem Wetter aber auch im Sommer im Außenbecken einen Besuch wert

Good Things from the Depths: Bad Griesbach Wellness Spa

The thermal water in Bad Griesbach in the Lower Bavarian Rottal flows mainly from a 1,500-metre-deep spring, the Nikolausquelle. It was opened up by drilling on St. Nicholas Day 1973. The water has a high fluoride content and has a stimulating and relaxing effect at the same time. You can enjoy it in a thermal landscape with 16 individual pools, 18 to 38 degrees warm and equipped with massage jets, whirlpools and splash showers.

There are three saunas with different heat levels: 60, 75 and 95 degrees. A hamam pampers with oriental bathing culture, a salt grotto with a healing climate enriched by fine salt particles. Physiotherapy treatments such as fango, massages and physiotherapy promote the regeneration of the body. Beauty treatments also enhance wellbeing.

And “Christian’s Bistro” fortifies you with Mediterranean delights. A spacious garden invites you to linger in fine weather. Health insurances support offers from the wellness spa.

Full of Effects: Titania Spa Neusäß

In Neusäß, just outside Augsburg, an imaginative world of baths, saunas and wellness awaits. Inside, active people do their laps in the 25-metre sports pool, children play on a pirate ship, romp in a paddling pool or enjoy the children’s slides. Outside, there is an outdoor pool with a large lawn for sunbathing and playing. The little ones dig in the sandpit, swing, slide or swim in the children’s pool.

The sauna landscape is diverse, with sweating facilities ranging from a Finnish sauna (95 degrees) and steam bath (45 degrees) to a hamam (40 degrees) and a hot seat pool (34 degrees) to an archipelago sauna (90 degrees) and kiva (Indian sweat house, 85 degrees). Wellness packages with various massages and cosmetic treatments are also offered. (only in German)

Bad Füssing ist sowohl im Winter als auch im Sommer einen Besucht wert

The Hot Spot: Bad Füssing

During the search for oil in 1938, thermal springs were discovered at a depth of 1,000 metres in Füssing, in the district of Passau. In 1969, the municipality was designated a “spa” and has since developed into an important health resort. The thermal water – 56 degrees hot, with sulphide-sulphur and an ideally neutral pH value of 7.21 – has a healing effect on metabolic diseases such as gout, arthritis or osteoporosis and feeds three large thermal spas.

The original spa, “Therme Eins”, offers twelve pools at different temperatures, a steam bath, health centre and more. Attached are modern saunas in the historic ambience of a four-sided farm. The “Europa Therme” Spa, also with a sauna area, combines fifteen pools with lots of entertainment such as a flow channel, bubbles, underwater music and much more.

Superlative thermal fun is offered by the “Johannesbad” with eight large outdoor exercise pools alone. Wave pool, XXL whirlpools, counter-current baths and waterfalls are just some of the attractions. Plus saunas, wellness, beauty, therapy centre, café and restaurant as well as a specialist clinic for rehabilitation and prevention. Bad Füssing also supplies local hotels with thermal water for in-house baths. A health centre offers information and activity programmes.

Natur- und Freiluft-Therme Bedernau

In the Green: Natural Spa Bedernau

The Bedernau open-air thermal baths, located in the charming countryside north of Mindelheim in Unterallgäu, are only open from spring to autumn. In a covered pool with bubble loungers and massage jets, you can enjoy the healing effects of the thermal water. It comes from a depth of 500 metres, has a temperature of 28 degrees and is heated to 34 degrees. Its high sodium and hydrogen carbonate content positively influences the acid-base balance of the organism. The fluoride contained is suitable for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, arthrosis and rheumatic diseases.

A bath in Bedernau relieves muscles and joints, eases pain and supports healing processes. You can swim as much as you like in an adjoining swimming pond, and there are shallow water zones for children. Lounging areas are used for sunbathing. A bistro provides snacks and drinks. Outside the spa, a Kneipp treading pool gets the circulation going. And a one-hour water adventure trail starts from the spa, as well as signposted hiking and cycling trails. (only in German)

Innenbereich der Kristall Trimini am Kochel See

Textile-Free: Kristall Trimini Kochel am See

Relaxation and recuperation are promised by the thermal brine pool in the Kristall Trimini at Kochelsee – Alpine panorama inlcuded, swimsuit excluded: the use of the thermal brine pools is textile-free. Exception: Wednesday and Sunday you can go optionally with or without. The salt water cares for the skin, it has a disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effect. With different salinity levels, it fills two indoor pools, 34 and 36 degrees, one with a pool bar, the other with massage jets and bubble seats, complemented by a cold pool and a soda pool with massage jets and bubble seats. And it fills two outdoor pools, one of which is high-percentage and has a “totem sea effect”.

The “sweat section” includes five themed saunas as well as a steam bath and hammam, plus relaxation rooms, a panoramic roof terrace and an outdoor area on the lake’s shore. The massage and cosmetic programme is varied.

From the restaurant “Zum Franz” you look across the Kochelsee lake to the Herzogstand mountain. The vitality and leisure pool (with textiles!) at Crystal Trimini provides indoor and outdoor bathing fun for young and old, with baby and children’s pools, family and activity pools, with slides and a pool with diving tower, as well as access to the beach on the lake. (only in German)

Neben sechs Thermalbecken gibt es den Ausblick auf Schloss Neuschwanstein und die Allgäuer Bergwelt in der Kristall-Therme Schwangau gratis dazu

With a View of the Castle: Kristall Therme Schwangau

Healthy bathing with a view of Neuschwanstein Castle and the Allgäu mountains – that’s what the regal Crystal Spa (Kristall Therme) in Schwangau in the Ostallgäu region is all about. In addition to the spectacular panoramas, the spa offers six thermal pools with a brine content of 2.5 to 24 percent and water temperatures between 32 and 36 degrees. A bath in it has a relaxing effect and is healthy – whether you sit in the Hildegard von Bingen pool, prepared according to the healing teachings of the medieval abbess, relax in the Ludwig pool with its whirlpools or float through the current channel in the outdoor area.

Another outdoor pool is equipped with bubble seats and loungers, splash showers and massage jets. Sauna lovers have three indoor and three outdoor saunas (from the panorama sauna Neuschwanstein view!), two steam baths and a hamam at their disposal.

The wellness area offers a wide range of massages and cosmetic treatments. Culinary delights are not neglected either thanks to two restaurants, a pool bar and the barbecue hut. (only in German)

Like the Ancient Romans: Limes Spa Bad Gögging

Even the Romans built a spa on the site of today’s Bad Gögging, between Ingolstadt and Regensburg. It was located near the fort of Abusina, which secured the borders of the Roman Empire on the Danube from the year 80. The place has been recognised as a “spa” since 1919. It has three local remedies: sulphur water, thermal water and natural moor.

You can enjoy the pleasures of bathing and relax both indoors and outdoors in a total of ten pools. The healing thermal water in it, from a depth of 500 metres, is between 28 and 36 degrees warm. Bubble loungers, whirlpools, massage jets, current channel, steam bath, nymphaeum with various warm pools and more provide variety.

The “Roman sauna landscape”, with temperatures from 40 to 90 degrees, is set up in a replica Limes tower and has an “antique” ambience. The facilities in the Terra Vitalis wellness area are diverse, ranging from the colour sauna and moor retreat pools to the high-altitude climate lounge and salt grotto. There is a wide range of treatments on offer. (only in German)

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