Zum Kneippangebot in Wörishofen gehören auch Kräuterwanderungen
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A relaxed feel-good journey from the Allgäu to Lake Chiemsee. Eleven Bavarian spas and health resorts offering Kneipp therapies

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11 x "official" Kneipp Locations


Heilbad Krumbad

Swabia’s oldest spa is located near Krumbach, forty kilometres west of Augsburg. It looks back on 600 years of bathing tradition. In addition to Kneipp treatments, there are many other wellness and health treatments. Krumbad is also a state-approved peloid (mud) spa. The silicic acid-containing bath stone is mined on site, ground into flour and used for medicinal purposes. 


Prienavera Erlebnisbad im Kneipp-Kurort Prien

Prien am Chiemsee

The only recognised Kneipp spa in Upper Bavaria. On the Prien Kneipp path, three water treading pools and a barefoot path invite you to treat yourself. You can learn interesting facts about the holistic Kneipp therapy at the Prien Kneipp Week, which takes place once a year in autumn. Additional wellness offerings in the Prienavera adventure pool directly on the shore of Lake Chiemsee.
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Die Äbtissin beim kalten Armbad nach Kneipp

Waldsassen: A Baroque Bavarian Heaven

SPONSORED POST | The mighty monastery complex and the baroque collegiate basilica are what make up the image of the town of Waldsassen. The magnificent interior of the church captivates everyone. The abbess of the abbey can sometimes be seen taking a dip in the monastery garden. The Upper Palatinate dialect sounds unfamiliar to some. The “Oicherlwold”, for example, hides a place in the forest where hikers can enjoy the Waldsassen picnic service. Waldsassen is an excellent place for culinary delights and provides regional specialities for a good snack. Let’s go to the monastic city!
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Wassertreten: Regt Kreislauf, fördert die Durchblutung, kräftigt die Venen

Bad Wörishofen

The town, 75 kilometres west of Munich, is considered the cradle of the Kneipp cure. It was here that Sebastian Kneipp developed the scientifically recognised natural healing method. It became a Unesco Intangible World Heritage Site in 2015. The Kneipp spa has a wide range of leisure, wellness and health facilities. Beautiful spa park with network of cycling and hiking trails. There’s also a golf course. 


Ernährung ist eine der fünf Säulen der Gesundheitslehre


Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897) was born near Ottobeuren. Today, the region around the certified Kneipp spa is called “Kneippland Unterallgäu”. Visitors can experience the five pillars of his health teachings in the Kneipp Active Park – water, exercise, nutrition, herbs and inner harmony. Naturally this includes a treading pool and a pool for cold arm baths. 
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Aussicht vom Lechweg auf den Kneipport Füssen


Visitors are invited to relax against the backdrop of the famous royal castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. You can do something good for your health in the Kneipp spa town of Füssen and the districts of Hopfen am See (Kneipp and climatic spa), Bad Faulenbach (mud spa and Kneipp spa) and Weißensee (climatic spa). There, Kneipp experience areas such as water basins, exercise trails, drinking fountains and more, as well as spa hotels, invite visitors to enjoy the Kneipp experience.. 


Neue Kräfte sammeln in Bad Grönenbach

Bad Grönenbach

Kneippheilbad Bad Grönenbach in Unterallgäu is nestled in a gently rolling landscape. It is the starting point for hiking and cycling tours. Sebastian Kneipp lived here in 1842/1843. Guests have access to numerous water treading pools, arm baths and barefoot paths. The spa park invites you to linger, relax – and play boules. 
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Königlich Kneippen im Hotel Prinz-Luitpold-Bad

Bad Hindelang

The climatic health resort and Kneipp spa lies in the Allgäu High Alps nature reserve. You can stimulate your senses on a barefoot path or in the natural Kneipp spa garden “Prinze Gumpe”, for example, and enjoy the view of the mountain panorama in the climate pavilion. The house dust mite-free and low pollen air is good for allergy sufferers. 
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Selbstgepflückte Kleeblüten


The climatic health resort and Kneipp spa offers a comprehensive spa programme for prevention and regeneration – including Kneipp treatments. Guests will find water treading facilities and arm pools in and around Oberstdorf. In addition, a movement and coordination course, a Kneipp facility, a barefoot path and a rock and scent garden in the Fuggeraktivpark in the centre of the town. 


Rathaus und Pfarrkirche „St. Gallus“ in Scheidegg


Scheidegg has been a Kneipp spa since 1973. Today, eight sanatoriums, clinics and spa houses offer therapies, not only limited to Kneipp treatments. Several water treading facilities and arm pools invite you to water therapy, a fitness park to gentle movement activities, plus hiking and walking trails. In addition, many establishments in Scheidegg specialise in gluten-free diets.  



Bad Berneck ganz cool: Wassertreten in der Ölschnitz

Bad Berneck

The spa and holiday resort is located in the Fichtelgebirge mountains. Kneipp is part of its range of “Traditional European Naturopathy” (together with Hildegard von Bingen, Vinzenz Prießnitz, Max Bircher-Benner and Maria Treben). Guests enjoy the elegant spa park, the Kneipp and health house, several Kneipp facilities and a nature trail as well as a dendrological garden.   
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Qi Gong im Kneipport Bad Kötzting

Bad Kötzting

In the Kneipp spa in the Upper Bavarian Forest, numerous outpatient Kneipp spa businesses offer treatments. The large Kurpark Auwiesen features a water treading pool, arm pool, motor park and numerous leisure facilities. Another special highlight in the town, in addition to or in combination with Kneipp, is a German clinic for traditional Chinese medicine. 
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