Kulturaustausch Irland Bayern

Bavaria on a Cultural Exchange

Travelling strengthens our understanding of foreign cultures, broadens our horizons and thus promotes tolerance and peaceful coexistence. That's why we send Bavaria insiders through Ireland, France, The Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Italy and Germany according to the motto "same same but different". There they will meet colleagues and like-minded people. We will report on the meetings, the exchange of ideas, expertise and culture and a lot of fun here with videos and stories.

Landler meets Munnix

Bayern Irland Kulturaustausch

Anne O'Donnell and Derwin Myers from Tralee, Ireland, are dedicated to preserving folk traditions like the North Kerry Munnix' Dance with many like-minded people in the folk theatre Siamsa Tire (mirth and music of the land). Bavarian Dance master Katharina wants to pass on to people the joy of Bavarian dance such as the Zwiefachen, Polka or Landler. She does this at village festivals, weddings, May dances and at the Kirchweih.

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Some of the Bavarian-Irish Challenges

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Irish Dancers dance Bavarian Folk dance

Did Anne and Derwin master the Bavarian group dance?

Mundart-Challane Bayern - Irland

Can Katharina figure out the meaning of some Irish proverbs?

More Dance & Sounds From Bavaria

Veit Pöhlmann ist der Vereinsvorsitzender der Limmersdorfer Lindenkirchweih

Franconian parish fair - Veit Pöhlmann

In the Franconian town of Limmersdorf, they celebrate the founding of the Lindenkirche at the end of August each year, around St. Bartholomew’s Day

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Die Fexer: Das Trio vor den begeisterten Zuschauer am Blasius-Festival

Brass music by "Die Fexer"

The term “Fexer” is a Bavarian word meaning spin-off. It is the name chosen by one woman and two men from Oberpfalz for the "smallest brass band"

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Christian Loferer: Der Hornist auf dem Weg in das Nationaltheater am Max-Joseph-Platz

Horn player Christian Loferer

Christian Loferer is a horn player at the Bavarian State Opera. In his spare time he combines Bavarian brass band tradition with classic music

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Croissant meets Brezn

Frankreich-Franken Kulturaustausch EN

Geoffroy Guillou from Marseille is a master baker with a passion and has owned the bakery "Le Panificateur" in Rue de la République together with his wife Jessica Andre since 2021. He is passionate about organic ingredients and the richness of French baking. The Franconian artisan baker Arnd Erbel produces pretzels, sourdough bread and gingerbread in the Franconian town of Dachsbach in a traditional way, completely without additives and baker's yeast. The gentlemen met alternately in their bakeries in the Bavarian village and French city ...

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Two of the Bavarian-French Challenges

You can find all  challenges on our YouTube Playlist

Croissant blind tasting

Can Arnd's croissants impress the French in Marseille?

Pretzel Tournament

How does Geoffroy do at the pretzel tournament in Arnd's bakery in Franconia?

Bavarian Rap Meets Shanty Choir

Kulturaustausch: RiA Raiser und der Shanty Chor aus Schleswig-Holstein

RiA Reiser from the Hallertau started out as a yodelling queen and is now bringing the Lower Bavarian dialect into the limelight as a rapper. She and a shanty choir from the far north heat things up musically.

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Even More Sounds From Bavaria

Die Fexer: Das Trio vor den begeisterten Zuschauer am Blasius-Festival

Brass music by "Die Fexer"

The term “Fexer” is a Bavarian word meaning spin-off. It is the name chosen by one woman and two men from Oberpfalz for the "smallest brass band"

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Christian Loferer: Der Hornist auf dem Weg in das Nationaltheater am Max-Joseph-Platz

Horn player Christian Loferer

Christian Loferer is a horn player at the Bavarian State Opera. In his spare time he combines Bavarian brass band tradition with classic music

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Blasius-Festival: Das Moderatoren-Paar Daniela & Bernhard

Daniela Dotzauer and Bernhard Reichherzer

Every July, the three-day Blasius Festival in Fremdingen brings people of all ages together to dance.

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Cheese Affineur Meets Cheese Maker

Kulturaustausch zwischen Käse-Affineur Thomas Breckle und Käse-Macher Jan Dirk van der Voort

Thomas Breckle from the Allgäu is Germany’s only hard cheese affineur. He is always on the lookout for the best cheese in the region. He met Jan Dirk van der Voort, an organic farmer and cheese maker from Lunteren in the Netherlands, whose farm has been run by the family for 420 years.

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More Gourmet Stories

Peter Haslach ist der Geschäftsführer der Sennereigenossenschaft Gunzesried

Alpine dairyman Peter Haslach

The dairy industry is as much part of the Allgäu as the sound of cow bells. Cheese has been produced with passion in Bavaria’s oldest dairy

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Silvia Beyer: Bei Pfronten betreibt sie die erste vegetarische Berghütte in den Alpen

Mountain hut owner Silvia Beyer

Instead of Schnitzel and cold meats, the menu of the Hündeleskopfhütte offers vegan cheese spätzle and zucchini lasagne

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O-Ton Wurzbacher:

Treasures from the spruce forest

Two-star chef Alexander Hermann and clever gourmets love the fantastic aromas of the inconspicuous slate truffle. And only Bernd Wurzbacher finds them

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Wild-Berghof Buchet: Die

Tiny-House provider Thomas Gstettenbauer

How about spending the night in a cool, mobile “Tiny House” deep in the Bavarian Forest amongst the deer?

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Caspar Plautz: Mit dem Kartoffelstand ist frischer Wind auf den Viktualienmarkt eingekehrt

The potato tuners from the Viktualienmarkt

Theo Lindinger and Dominik Klier attract numerous better eaters to Viktualienmarkt in Munich with their love of extra-ordinary potato dishes

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Die kreativen Gerichte werden von Alexander Huber mit Liebe zum Detail angerichtet

Star chef Alexander Huber

Alexander Huber turned the traditional restaurant of his parents in Altötting in Bavaria into a top gastronomic address - with a star

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Gesundheitsuntersuchung eines Spiegelkarpfens

Round and healthy

From September to April, gourmets make a pilgrimage to the Franconian Aischgrund region to enjoy the carp bred there. We tasted them

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Michael Laus in seiner Küche bei der Zubereitung der Speisen

Star-quality home cooking

In his restaurant “Soul Food”, Michael Laus creates a fusion of world-class cuisine and small town idyll. We took a closer look

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Silvaner Meets Barbera

Winzer Thomas Schenk aus Bayern mit Winzerin Beatrice Gaudio aus Italien

Thomas grows fine wines in Randersacker, Franconia. Beatrice does the same in Monferrato, Piedmont. The same vocation, but with different techniques, tricks and finesse. Our video shows you what the two experienced, learned and did together in Piedmont and Franconia.

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More Wine Stories

Wine walking tour: Thomas Schenk

Hi there, Silvaner

Walk with winemaker Thomas Schenk between hedges, flower meadows, saints and vines. Hike through the vineyards around Randersacker

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Im Strandbad Lindenhof am Bodensee lässt Teresa im Sommer gemütlich den Tag ausklingen

Winemaker Teresa Deufel

The charming winery of Teresa Deufel is located directly on Lake Constance - a meeting place for locals and visitors

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Wine & Style: Hier verkostet man die Meintzinger Guts- und Ortsweine

Wine & Style

Let us introduce you to three winemakers and their architectural delights in Retzbach, Frickenhausen and Nordheim am Main

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Mathias Rippstein in seiner Heckenwirtschaft

What the heck…

… are Heckenwirtschaften? And why are some called Häckerwirtschaften? Or just Häcker? And what is the best food to eat with young wine?

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Andi Weigand: Jungwinzer aus Iphofen

Winemaker Andi Weigand from Franconia

This young wild one is breathing new life into the wine region. How? By combining old traditions with bold new ideas

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Weingut Rudolf Fürst: Fachsimpeln unter Winzer-Kollegen

The kings of red wine

Franconia is known for its white wines. But winemakers Paul and Sebastian Fürst have garnered praise for their red wine in Singapore, London and ...

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Christian Müller: Auf einer Weltreise entdeckt er seine Leidenschaft für den Silvaner

Winery Max Müller in Volkach

In the Franconian town of Volkach, young winemaker Christian Müller creates exquisite wines in his family winery and refines old traditions

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Winzerin Katharina Geißendörfer bei der Arbeit im Weinberg

Winemaker Katharina Geißendörfer

Winemaker Katharina Geißendörfer gives new life to her family’s Franconian winery. We accompanied her to the vineyard

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Traditional Costume Designer Meets Lifestyle Designer

Barbara Stadler und Zuzana Osako

Barbara Stadler runs a "Inn-Boutique" in Anzing for modern traditional costume fashion based on her own designs as well as for traditional cuisine. Zuzana Osako founded the lifestyle brand 'Tradice' in the Czech Republic in 2015, which focuses on customised fashion as well as home textiles and porcelain - always inspired by folklore traditions of her country.

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More Stories About Creative Bavarians

Magdalena Paukner: Ausstellung Ihrer 2 m hohen gläsernen Grashalme in den Gläsernen Gärten von Frauenau

Glass art from the Bavarian Forest

Magdalena Paukner's glass art is lovingly detailed. With her very personal handwriting she continues a tradition of the Bavarian Forest

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Die Werkstatt von Anton Ostler in Klais bei Mittenwald

Crafted carnival mask by Anton Ostler

Between Epiphany and Shrove Tuesday, wild men bearing strange names move through Mittenwald, their faces hidden behind beautifully crafted masks

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Franziska Bischof in ihrer Edelbrennerei in Wartmannroth

Brandy sommelière Franziska Bischof

Franziska Bischof is a fine brandy sommelière and Female Distiller of the Year 2018. She runs Germany’s only distillery shop

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Daniel Bensmann bemalt Tierhäute mit künstlerischen Motiven

Skin painter Daniel Bensmann

Art as a matter of skin! A visit at Bad Hindelang's tattoo artist, hunter and artist. His speciality? Paintings on animal skins

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Sophie Mische: In ihrer Werkstatt fertigt die Töpferin Geschirr und Lampen

Pottery artist Sophie Mische

Bright colours, traditional designs and creative ideas. The ceramic creations of Allgäu’s Sophie Mische radiate pure Alpine feeling

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Bernhard Rieger: Der Künstler malt das Karwendel-Gebirge im Hintergrund

Alpine graffiti by fresco painter Bernhard Rieger

Vast pictures shine out from the walls of old buildings in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps. This is known as “Luftmalerei”, or fresh air painting

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Aus Liebe zu Holz und Handwerk übernahm Alexander Hergenhan 2012 die Werkstatt seines Onkels in der Rhön

Sledge builder Alexander Hergenhan

Each year, Alexander Hergenhan from the Rhoen fashions around 150 traditional wooden sledges from domestic ash using ancient techniques

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Andre Maier: Der Streetart Künstler in seinem Atelier in Regensburg

Streetartist Andre Maier

Andre Maier is a muralist. He paints works of art several metres high on Regensburg’s walls, making the city a little more colourful

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