Memmingen: Die Kirche

Which districts are worth a longer stroll? Which buildings, museums, monuments and sights must be seen apart from the Witches' Tower, the Siebendächerhaus and the Basilica of St. Martin?

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10 Things To See in Memmingen

Memmingen: Die mittelalterliche Basilika St. Martin ist das Wahrzeichen der Stadt mit Fresken aus dem 15. und 16. Jahrhundert

St. Martin

City landmark. Medieval basilica with frescoes from the 15th and 16th centuries. Daily tower tours in summer (only in German)

Der Hexenturm in Memmingen: Letzter von einstmals drei Gefängnistürmen an der Stadtmauer

Witches’ Tower

The Witches’ Tower, also known as the Ehebrecherturm, or Adulterer’s Tower. From the 12th century. The last of three original prison towers on the city wall


Former Monastery of the Knights of the Cross

Former church room of the Order of the Holy Ghost with Baroque stucco ceiling of the Wessobrunner school

Memmingen: Der Hermansbau ist ein 1766 von Freiherr Benedict von Herman erbautes Stadtpalais


Built in 1766 by Baron Benedict von Herman, Swabia’s first millionaire. Home of the Town Museum.

Memmingen: Das historische Gerberhaus gehört zu den sieben Memminger Wahrzeichen


Half-timbered building from 1601, once used by the city’s tanners to dry their leather and furs (only in German)

Memmingen: Die Zunfthäuser am Weinmarkt in der Altstadt


Formerly the Guild Square. Today the site of the Freedom Fountain in homage to the Twelve Articles of 1525


MEWO Kunsthalle

Post building dating from 1901. Today an exciting museum of contemporary art (only in German)

Memmingen: Sabine Streck entführt die Gäste auf eine Zeitreise ins 17. Jahrhundert

Town tours

From the Children’s Horror Tour to the Desperate Housewives. Various highly entertaining themed tours


The green belt

Parks and gardens offer a green retreat around the historical city wall: from the Zollergarten to the Grimmelschanze

Memmingen: Viele Straßencafés entschleunigen den Bummel durch die alte Reichsstadt

150 restaurants, cafes and wine bars

Whether you sit on the large terrace on the Marktplatz or in a small bar by the stream: there is plenty of choice of refreshments here

Memmingen: Der Marktplatz bildet das Herzstück der Altstadt

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