Nürnberg: Das Heilig-Geist-Spital über der Pegnitz ist das perfekte Fotomotiv

Which districts are worth a stroll? What activities are waiting for you? Which buildings, museums, monuments and other sights should you visit? In addition to our CityCheck Nuremberg, we tell you what you should experience in the Franconian metropolis

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10 Things To See in Nuremberg

Bieramt am Tiergärtnertorplatz: Eine der schönsten Plätze, um in Nürnberg draußen zu sitzen


It is utterly fascinating to put yourself in the shoes of the world-famous painter in his original living rooms and work space. An additional feature on guided tours is an actress playing the part of Dürer’s wife, Agnes.


Nazi Party Rally Grounds

Anyone who only has one day in Nuremberg can save on a visit to the huge complex and instead find out all about this historical site using the well-compiled online exhibition.

Nürnberg: Blick vom Tiergärtnertorplatz auf die mittelalterliche Kaiserburg


Landmark, museum and the best views of the city. The complex consists of two fortresses: the Kaiserburg and the Burggrafenburg. Its roots go back to the year 1000.

Die Mehrzahl der denkmalgeschützten Häuser ist original erhalten


Not just great for going out: most of the historic protected houses have been preserved in their original condition and convey a great impression of Nuremberg in the late Middle Ages.

Nürnberg: Die Maxbrücke über der Pegnitz stammt aus dem Jahr 1457


The view of the Weinstadel and Henkersteg is one of the loveliest photo opportunities. The view of the Maxbrücke from the Kettensteg is also fantastic.

Nürnberg: Die historische Stadtmauer trifft auf die moderne Glasfassade des

Neues Museum

Even visitors who don’t have very much time to spare will still find the striking glass giant by the city wall near the Frauenturm a real highlight. The contrast of the old and the new makes a classic photo opportunity.

Nürnberg: Die gotische Frauenkirche steht am Hauptmarkt


This huge square is always worth a visit, and not just in Advent, when the Christ Child opens the Christmas Market from the gallery of the Frauenkirche. You should also remember to rub the golden ring on the Schönen Brunnen fountain - it’s said to bring good luck. Although, locals tend to swear by the black one on the other side of the fountain…

Nürnberger nennen den Stadtteil Gostenhof gern GoHo


The locals in Nuremberg like to call the district of Gostenhof “GoHo”. As with the district of New York that bears a similar name, it is a colourful and inspiring neighbourhood, where Wilhelminian meets post-war architecture. It’s worth visiting for the graffiti alone. And it’s also a great place for shopping and going out.
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Nürnberg: Historischer Zugang zur Kaiserburg


Through this garden complex, a path that is seldom used by visitors forms a lovely route from the Old Town to the Kaiserburg. Shortly before reaching your destination, you get one of the best-known views of the Tiergärtnertorplatz and the castle from the city wall.


Totally underground!

Beer cellar, escape rooms, art bunker and theatre all down in the depths: Nuremberg’s underworld can be explored on a number of thrilling guided tours.

Nürnberg: Das begehbare Kunstwerk

Fancy a visit to Nuremberg?

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