Vom Baumwipfelpfad im Steigerwald bieten sich wunderbare Ausblicke
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Steigerwald Nature Park, Franconian Lake District, Black Moor or Luisenburg Rock Labyrinth: these and six other nature highlights in Franconia are a must-see and experience

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10 x Nature experiences

Luisenburg: Großartiges Felsenlabyrinth in der Nähe von Wunsiedel

Luisenburg rocky labyrinth

A sea of granite blocks caused by weathering and erosion and measuring several metres in size can be seen near Wunsiedel.

Mit der Seilbahn auf den Ochsenkopf im Fichtelgebirge


This is the second-highest of the Fichtelgebirge mountains at 1,024 metres. A cable car runs up to the summit of the Ochsenkopf from both the south and the north. The valley stations are in Bischofsgrün and Warmensteinach. At the summit, the Asenturm offers refreshments and stunning views.


Green Belt

Where once border fencing and minefields reigned supreme, nature is now able to evolve freely. A 120 km strip from Mitwitz in the west to Mödlareuth in the east has been opened up for sustainable tourism.
frankenwald-tourismus.de (only in German)

Auf dem Kreuzberg in der Bayerischen Rhön


Franconia’s Holy Mountain in the Rhön mountain region. The summit (928 m) offers panoramic views across the whole of Franconia. It comes complete with a monastery and the famous Kreuzberg beer.
rhoentourist.de (only in German)

Steigerwald Nature Park

Vineyards, forests and pools - ideal for cycling and hiking tours between Nuremberg, Bamberg, Würzburg and Rothenburg.
steigerwald-info.de (only in German)


Walberla: Auf dem 513 Meter hohen Tafelberg steht die Sankt-Walburgis-Kapelle


This is a striking table mountain in the Franconian Switzerland Nature Park, east of Forchheim and around 500 metres high. It offers fabulous views over the valleys of Regnitz, Ehrenbach and Wiesenttal. The land around Walberla has the largest self-contained area of sweet cherry production in Germany. When the trees are in blossom, the whole valley becomes a fragrant sea of blooms.


Burgsteinfelsen: Sunset über dem Altmühltal

Altmühltal Nature Park

This low mountain landscape (southern Franconian Alps) features dry grasslands, juniper heath, wetland meadows, rocks, karst caves and stone quarries. Around half the area of the Nature Park is wooded, with the Altmühl flowing through it. The group of rocks called the “Twelve Apostles” is particularly spectacular.


Fränkisches Gelbvieh im Steinbachtal bei Weibersbrunn

Spessart-Mainland Nature Park

This is an area of sweet valleys, romantic streams and the shoreline of the Franconian artery, the River Main.
spessart-mainland.de (only in German)


Strandbad am Igelsbachsee

Franconian Lake District

Seven artificial lakes, 50 km south of Nuremberg, include the lesser and greater Lake Brombach, Lake Igelsbach and more. This region boasts sunbathing areas, bathing areas and sandy beaches, hiking and cycling trails, and opportunities for sailing, kitesurfing and windsurfing. Angling is also possible.
fraenkisches-seenland.de (only in German)

Das Schwarze Moor in der Bayerischen Rhön

Black Moor

The Black Moor is one of the most important upland moors in Central Europe, and is well set up for tourists. It lies in the Rhön region on the watershed between the Rhein and the Weser in the border triangle of Hessen, Thuringia and Bavaria.


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