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The Bocksbeutelrunde, the Weinkultour hike, or “terroir f”: these and other experiences revolving around Franconian wine are not to be missed

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4 Tips for Franconian Wine Experiences

Würzburg: Individuell gestaltete Aussichtspunkte, bekannt als „Terroir f“ verbinden Wein und Kultur

“terroir f” viewpoints

The name “terroir f” stands for seventeen viewpoints where visitors are meant to experience the special flair of Franconian wine in a sensorial manner. At selected locations, landscape architecture and art creatively stage a special wine theme. You learn interesting facts about climatic characteristics, different soils, grape varieties, the history of viticulture and much more.


Wine culture hike

The “Weinkulttour” hiking route, north of the winegrowing stronghold of Volkach, connects the wine villages of Zeilitzheim (with the baroque castle of the same name), Stammheim and Lindach. It takes about four hours to walk the fifteen kilometres, covering a good 300 metres in altitude. The Genussweg leads through a gently rolling landscape, vineyards and forests and past orchards and asparagus fields.
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Unterwegs auf dem MainRadweg

The Bocksbeutelrunde by bike

On the Bocksbeutelrunde you travel through the southern Steigerwald. Sunny vineyards and winegrowing villages add to the charm of this slightly hilly tour. The almost one hundred kilometres can also be divided into two individual circular tours. Well-known places on the route include Ippesheim, Seinsheim and Bad Windsheim.

Tip: From Bullenheimer Berg you can enjoy a beautiful, sweeping view of the Franconian countryside.
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Cabinet Pieces

Seven wine villages on the western edge of the Steigerwald form the “Franconian Wine Paradise”. There you can go on wine discovery tours with guides. The so-called “Cabinet Pieces” – for example vineyard walks, village walks, history tours – are often combined with a wine tasting. They are offered in the season from May to October.
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Silvaner des Weingut am Stein in Würzburg

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