Fränkisches Freilandmuseum in Bad Windsheim
Aischgrund - Carp & Culture

Which sights in the Franconian Aischgrund are worth a visit? Where can you learn more about the mirror carp? And who has it on offer?

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10 Tips for Culture and Carp in Aischgrund, Franconia

Prächtige Exemplare von Spiegelkarpfen

Carp Museum

Magnificent specimens of the Aischgruender carp bring the museum aquarium to life. The lovingly designed small museum in the KulturAreal Altes Schloss in Neustadt an der Aisch also provides comprehensive and vivid information about carp and pond farming. Attached to the museum are a margrave's museum and a toy museum. (only in German)

Viele Weiher und Teiche liegen rund um das Dorf Oberlindach

Aischgrund Guided Tours

The certified hiking, nature, landscape and church guide Dr. Christiane Kolbet offers a wide range of thematic tours through the Aischgrund. (only in German)

 Leonhard Thomann an seinen Weihern bei Poppenwind

Pond tours with Leonhard Thomann

Pond keeper Thomann shows interested visitors the Poppenwinder pond landscape near Höchstadt and how it works with carp breeding as well as catfish, pike and zander breeding. From spawning to brood rearing to the "harvest" in autumn. (only in German)

Traditionell zubereiteter Karpfen ist eine beliebte Speise

Country inn zur Hammerschmiede

In the country inn near Gerhardshofen with guest rooms, chef Daniela Schiwon serves excellent Franconian cuisine, in particular carp dishes with fish from their own ponds. (only in German)


Zwanzger Brewery & Inn

Brewing beer in Uehlfeld since 1639, the cuisine stands for traditional Franconian enjoyment. With "Biergärtla" and guest rooms. From November to May, Christian Zwanzger organises one-day brewing courses and brewing weekends for hobby brewers. (only in German)

Karpfen traditionell zubereitet

Gasthaus zur Sonne

The most traditional inn in Neustadt a. d. Aisch has existed since 1568 and has been owned by the Pohli family since 1904. With an atmospheric Ratskeller, beer garden and modern Franconian cuisine. Tip: carp crisp with sour cream dip. (only in German)

Fränkisches Freilandmuseum in Bad Windsheim: Zeitreise auf 45 Hektar

Franconian Open-Air Museum

The extensive museum in Bad Windsheim impressively shows how rural life in Franconia used to be. You can visit more than a hundred buildings and a brewery. There are also special exhibitions, concerts, lectures, craft demonstrations and more. (only in German)


Münchsteinach Monastery

Founded in the 12th century by Benedictines as a reform monastery. Motto: back to a simpler way of life. Destroyed in 1525. The uncovered painted Romanesque interior of the monastery church of St. Nicholas is one of a kind in Franconia. (only in German)

Weinmarkt in Bad Windsheim beim Schönen Brunnen

Bad Windsheim

Bad Windsheim, called "Winsa" by the locals, is a spa between the Steigerwald and Frankenhöhe nature parks. In addition to the Franken-Therme and the historical centre of the former imperial town, the open-air museum attracts many visitors. Also worth seeing is the former Augustinian monastery, the town church of St. Kilian, the large and listed spa park with graduation works, Kneipp basins and herb garden, as well as "Franconia's Dead Sea", a salt lake in which you can float weightlessly. (only in German) | (only in German)

Das Nürnberger Tor in Neustadt an der Aisch

Neustadt an der Aisch

Charming town with traditions dating back more than 1,250 years and a picturesque market square. There you will find the Neptune Fountain and the baroque town hall with six trading vaults. At noon sharp, the billy goat, Neustadt's landmark, makes its bleating rounds on the tower. Other important sights include the Old Castle and the New Castle, the remains of the city wall with its 16 towers, the bastion and the Nuremberg Gate. (only in German)

Gesundheitsuntersuchung eines Spiegelkarpfens

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