Nürnberger Bratwürste: Weltberühmt und heiß geliebt
The taste of Franconia

Smoked beer, bratwurst, Franconian wine and carp and other delights that you should not miss in Franconia

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7 Gourmet Tips in Franconia

Bieramt: Hier gibt es ausschließlich fränkische Biere

Rauchbier & Co.

All the Franconian beers are special. However, three are truly unique in their production and taste: Rauchbier (smoke beer), Ungespundetes (low carbonated) and Zwickelbier (unfiltered).

Nürnberger Rostbratwürste


The Bratwurst is also distinctive: it varies from town to town, region to region both in size and spices. Sometimes it is sold “coarse”, elsewhere “fine”, sometimes it is pure pork, sometimes a combination of pork and beef or veal.

Weingut Schenk: Die erdigen Hände auf dem Etikett spiegeln die Handarbeit wider

Franconian wine

Silvaner, Müller-Thurgau, Bacchus and Riesling are the stars of Franconia’s white wines, while popular red varieties include Spätburgunder and Domina. Franconian wine is known for its trademark Bocksbeutel bottle - under EU protection since 1989.
franken-weinland.de (only in German)

Fränkische Spezialität: Saure Zipfel

Saure Zipfel

The raw Bratwurst sausages are boiled in a sauce made from vinegar, oil, bay leaves, cloves, juniper berries and plenty of onions, which gives them their distinctive sour aroma and the typical blue colouring.

Die Pfarrkirche St. Johannes und ein Fachwerkhaus im fränkischen Volkach

Wine Festival in Volkach

Every year in August, seven independent winemakers and four winegrowers’ cooperatives offer over 60 different wines by the glass. With a further selection in the Bocksbeutel and Sekt lounge, over 120 wines are available over the five days of the festival.

Sebastian Niedermaier genießt vom

13 Breweries Trail

The trail links the various breweries between Memmelsdorf and Strullendorf near Bamberg in Franconian Switzerland, many of which still produce their beer by hand in a family tradition dating back centuries. Length: 34 kilometres.

Spiegelkarpfen (oben) und Schuppenkarpfen aus der Tirschenreuther Teichpfanne

Delicious carp

With a carp farming tradition dating back over 1200 years, the cultural landscape around Neustadt has over 5,000 farmed carp ponds. The annual fish harvest is primarily served in local inns from September to April.
aischgruender-karpfen.com (only in German)

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