Lindau: Blick auf den Bodensee und die Alpen vom
Nature Highlights in Allgäu/Bavarian Swabia

Nördlinger Ries, Breitachklamm, Nebelhorn, Lake Constance and six other nature experiences in the Allgäu and Bavarian Swabia that you should have visited once

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10 Outdoor highligths in the Allgäu/Bavaria Swabia

Blick auf das Ries vom Goldberg nach Süden

Nördlinger Ries

On educational trails, at viewpoints, on guided tours and in the Geopark information centre and information points, visitors can discover all manner of interesting facts about the formation, geology and history of the Ries crater.

Breitachklamm: Die tiefste Felsenschlucht Mitteleuropas befindet sich in Oberstdorf


The Breitachklamm Gorge between Oberstdorf and the Kleinwalsertal valley is the deepest and one of the most beautiful ravines in Central Europe.

Naturpark Nagelfluhkette: Der Ausblick von oben ist besonders

Nagelfluhkette Nature Park

The mountains of the Gebirgszug are formed from rounded stones, which were pressed together with sediment to form a conglomerate known as the Nagelfluh. It provides a habitat for rare and endangered flora and fauna, such as golden eagles, black and wood grouse and numerous types of gentian and orchid - a genuine walker’s paradise. | (only in German)


Viewing platform on the Breitenberg

The spectacular viewing platform that extends out over the edge of the rocks provides superb views across the Pfronten valley and its surrounding mountains. It can be reached along hiking trails or via the Breitenbergbahn mountain railway, and there are three huts where hikers can stop for refreshments. (only in German)

Blick auf die Donau im schwäbischen Donautal

Swabian Danube Valley

In one of Germany’s largest expanses of alluvial forest, nature lovers can discover a unique landscape of lakes. (only in German)

Blick auf Kloster Oberschönenfeld im Naturpark Augsburg

Nature Park Augsburg – Western Woods

Almost half of the 1,200 square kilometre area is covered with forest. In Central Swabia, the area is bordered by four rivers: The Wertach and Schmutter in the east, the Mindel in the west and the Danube in the north.



This peak is known as the Guardian of the Allgäu. From its 1,738 metre summit, it is possible to see from the Alpine foothills to the high mountains of the Allgäu. On clear days you can even glimpse the Säntis in Switzerland and the Zugspitze. There are various huts where it is possible to take a break.

Zwei Personen auf einer Wanderung am Nebelhorn


The Nebelhorn is 2,224 metres high and can be reached from Oberstdorf via the Allgäu’s highest cable car, the Nebelhornbahn. The summit is a popular viewpoint with a panoramic view of 400 other peaks far across to the Alpine massif.

Blick auf ein Schiff auf dem Bodensee bei Lindau

Lake Constance

Lake Constance consists of the large Obersee, or Upper Lake, which is home to Lindau and the Austrian shoreline, and the smaller Untersee, or Lower Lake, which lies on the border between Switzerland and Baden-Württemberg. Of the 273 kilometres of shoreline, 18 kilometres fall within the district of Lindau.

Blick auf Bergwiese und Gipfel in Allgäu/Bayerisch-Schwaben

Mountain meadows

Mountain meadows rich in species are a rare form of habitat, as they have to be mown by hand, a laborious task. Over 70 different herbs and medicinal plants are found in the hay that is gathered there, at a minimum of 900 metres in altitude: Common plantain, sorrel, St. John’s wort and many more.

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