MUCA Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art in München
Not dusty at all!

Nowhere in Germany are there as many museums as in Bavaria. In more than 1,300 houses throughout Bavaria, visitors can experience expertly and excitingly staged collections on history and art, science, crafts, and customs

Museum networks for culture lovers

Bavaria's museums offer an exceptionally colourful and rich variety of topics. It ranges from hat making to ceramics, from beer to grain, from knights and Romans to the Renaissance. Everything that has to do with Bavaria can be found there.

Young and old, experts and novices alike will find exciting, stimulating and beautiful as well as amusing and entertaining things here. And often real surprises as well.

To help with orientation, around 80 of these museums have joined together to form networks, each with a specific theme. Follow the thread and let the networks guide you. On Roman-Bavarian history, for example, on expressionism in Bavaria or on glassblowing and comic language.

Rauberweihermühle: War ein "Landsassengut", in dem auch die Herrschaften wohnten

Looking back to the future

Each of the six "open-air museums in Bavaria" has its own regional charm. We visited the open-air museum in the Upper Palatinate.

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Zwei von 120 Gebäuden wie Bauernhöfen, Mühlen, Brauereien, Scheunen und Backhäuschen

Culture without limits

19 museums in Bavaria have set out to create stimulating offers for people with impairments.

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Das Element Wasser verbindet die MuSeenLandschaft

Expressionism and water

The MuSeenLandschaft expressionism consists of, among others, the Buchheim Museum in Bernried, the Lenbachhaus in Munich and the Franz Marc Museum in

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In Oberfranken kommen Kulinarik, Handwerk und Landwirtschaft zusammen

The art of indulgence

Culture and pleasure belong together in Franconia. In a network of ten different museums, visitors discover the culinary treasures of the region

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Die Glasobjekte sammelte in erster Linie Herzog Alfred von Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha

Crystal clear pleasure

The houses of the GlasMuseen-network in Bavaria are dedicated in detail to the fascination of glass as an everyday object, luxury item and work of art

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Ausstellungsraum der Antikensammlung am Königsplatz

Ave Bavaria!

Seven very different museums and archaeological parks await fans of ancient Romans and Greeks in the "Antiquity in Bavaria" network

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Der sogenannte Huttomado im Hutmuseum Lindenberg

Hats off!

The 17 "Allgäu Museums for Families" design their exhibitions to be family-friendly. The network includes, among others, cities and art museums.

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Das Luftmuseum in Amberg

Getting creative...together

The SPUR Museum in Cham, the Cordonhaus, the Oberpfälzer Künstlerhaus and the Luftmuseum form the "Contemporary Art" Network

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 Museum Quintana: Lebensgroße Darstellung eines Legionärs

Roman museums

The Museum Quintana in Künzing, which we visited, has joined forces with four other museums to form the "Roman Museums on the Bavarian Danube Limes"

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Das Kreuzrippengewölbe ist mit alten gotischen Fresken verziert

And it’s off to the Middle Ages!

The six castles in the network “Mittelalter und Renaissance auf Burgen” offer exciting exhibitions, in addition to old halls and thick walls.

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