Sommerrodelbahn Hündle
Summer Tobogganing Fun

In Bavaria, you can even go tobogganing in summer. We show you attractive summer toboggan runs where young and old can have lots of fun

Summer Toboggan Runs in Bavaria: 16 Tips for the Whole Family

Summer tobogganing is like riding a rollercoaster – only in the great outdoors and with a view of the countryside. Into the bend, out of the bend, then in a circle and a heart fluttering moment as you hit the jump. The speedy toboggan ride – be it on rails or in stainless steel channels – is so much fun! For children, as well as adults. 16 fast-paced tips for summer tobogganing in Bavaria!

Im der Sommerrodelbahn Alpspitz Coaster vor der Kulisse Nesselwang

Alpspitz-Coaster Nesselwang: Circular Sections and Jumps

Nesselwang lies at 900 metres at the foot of Alpspitz and Edelsberg mountains The two 1,600 metre high mountains rise on the north-eastern edge of the Allgäu Alps. In addition to hiking and cycling, holidaymakers can enjoy other summer activities such as archery, testing their sense of balance in forest ropes courses, relaxing in the adventure pool and speedy descents on the Alpspitz zipline or coaster.

The toboggans on the Alpspitz Coaster run on rails. An uphill lift takes visitors to a height of around 1,030 metres. Meanwhile, the “drivers” enjoy the view of the surrounding meadows, forests and mountains. Once at the top, they hurtle down a 1,110 metre-long track in their toboggans. Waves, circular sections, jumps, tunnels and bridges make the downhill an experience to remember! The coaster is equipped with safety features such as a seatbelt lock, distance control and cruise control.

Children from the age of eight and a minimum height of 135 centimetres are allowed to ride the coaster alone. (Only in German)

Die Sommerrodelbahn am Hündle ist 850 Meter lang


Toboggan Run on the “Hündle” near Oberstaufen: Curves Galore

The Hündlekopf mountain (1,111 metres) is located in the north-west of the Prodelkamm to the east of Oberstaufen. The “Prodelkamm” – one of the three Allgäu Nagelfluh ridges – runs for twelve kilometres from the Prodel (1,400 metres) to the Immenstädter Horn (1,489 metres).

Guests can take the cable car all the way up to the “Hündlekopf”. Hiking routes start from the mountain station, and the “Hündle Berggaststätte” invites you to stop for a bite to eat. At the valley station, on the other hand, there are plenty of opportunities for fun and games – especially for families with children. There is a playground, a mini-golf course, a small animal enclosure, bouncing action on a bungee trampoline and a summer toboggan run.

The toboggans used can accommodate up to two people. The course is defined by a stainless steel trough or channel track that is laid close to the floor. In it, toboggan passengers whizz downhill over a length of 850 metres through 16 bends and over the two jumps. The toboggans have two brakes. (Only in German)


Allgäu-Coaster: Virtual Reality on Top

This coaster dashes down into the valley on rails in the Oberallgäu, west of Oberstdorf at the foot of the 1,706 metre high Söllereck. The wooded Grasberg mountain is popular with hikers, and is accessible via the Söllereck cable car. The summer toboggan run in the valley and near the valley station is around 850 metres long, and provides adrenaline kicks with a mix of jumps and waves. The two-seater toboggans can reach speeds of up to 40 kilometres per hour. The drivers are strapped in and regulate their speed with the help of brakes.

Finally, the track then crosses the B19 federal road on a bridge. Even in the rain or in winter, the ride is a pleasure. Simply fold the Plexiglas protective covers over the sled to keep yourself dry and protected. A photo of the drivers is taken on the route and printed out for a small fee at the photo station at the exit. One special highlight: passengers can immerse themselves in foreign worlds and fast-paced adventures during the journey with VR glasses (for a hire fee). (Only in German)


Alpsee-Coaster: XXL! 

The “Alpsee Bergwelt” ski area lies to the west of the Lake Großer Alpsee, between Immenstadt and Oberstaufen. It is one of the most popular leisure attractions in the Oberallgäu. A chairlift takes you from Ratholz up to the “adventure mountain” at around 1,100 metres on the northern flank of the Eckhalde. “Eckhalde” is a 1,430 metre high mountain and is part of the Prodel mountain range, the northernmost of the three “Nagelfluh” ridges in the Allgäu.

In addition to mountain huts and restaurants, the “Alpsee Bergwelt” ski area offers the large “Bärenfalle” high ropes course with 18 courses and around 200 climbing elements, the “Abenteuer Alpe” mountain playground – including alpacas, llamas, sheep and goats – and the “Alpsee Coaster”, supposedly the longest year-round toboggan run in Germany.

The coaster toboggans race on rails over a distance of almost three kilometres! They hurtle down a 350 metre drop and sweep through and over more than a hundred bends, waves and jumps. This fast-paced fun can last up to ten minutes! The toboggans can reach speeds of up to 40 kilometres per hour, and the driver gets to control the speed himself. One special experience is the downhill at night under floodlights. 

Am Blomberg geht es 200 Höhenmeter durch Bergwald und über grüne Almwiesen


Blomberg Mountain near Bad Tölz: A Stunning Spectacle

The 1,248 metre high “Blomberg” mountain is the local mountain of Bad Tölz, south of Munich. It is a popular hiking destination and is accessible by chairlift. There is also a climbing forest with plenty in store for visitors, while children can enjoy forest games and a nature adventure trail. And there are two summer toboggan runs, both around 1,300 metres long.

The “Blomberg Classic”, a roller toboggan in a channel track, winds its way over 200 metres in altitude through mountain forest and across green alpine meadows. Children aged eight and over can toboggan alone. Adrenalin kicks and tonnes of variety are provided by 41 chicanes and 17 steep bends. You can walk or take the cable car to the start at the “Blombergbahn Middle Station”.

The “Blomberg Blitz”, which runs on rails and is equipped with acrylic glass hoods, is a year-round toboggan sensation. It can reach speeds of up to 40 kilometres per hour and can be steered using the brakes. Six banked turns, four waves, a double wave, a circular sections, twisters and two jumps will be sure to get your pulse racing. (Only in German)

Sommerrodelbahn Hocheck


“Hocheck Oberaudorf” Summer Toboggan Run: Tobogganing, Flying, Sliding

The “leisure mountain” of Hocheck rises to the west of Oberaudorf in the Inn Valley. At the top – at roughly 800 metres – the “Hocheck” mountain inn invites you to take a break. This can be reached by chairlift. The choice of summer activities is huge. At Hocheck, you will find adventure playgrounds, a small animal enclosure, a bungee trampoline facility and a forest ropes course.

From the chairlift’s Middle Station, a summer toboggan run with roller toboggans winds its way down into the valley. This winding route is around one kilometre long. Highlight: the “360-degree super circle”. But that’s not all: the toboggan run can be extended to include the “Triathlon Hoch3”: Once in the valley, you can take the chairlift back to the Middle Station and take the “Oberaudorfer Flieger”, a “flying fox”, at speeds of up to 80 kilometres per hour towards the Inn Valley.

From the landing platform, you go straight into the “free-fall dry slide” complete with circular section. You slide roughly 70 metres and 25 metres down in a specially designed sack and enjoy the view of the sky from the glazed free-fall area!

In Lenggries gibt es schienengeführten Schlitten mit denen man durch 24 Steilkurven flitzt


“Jaudenhangflitzer Lenggries” Summer Toboggan Run: an Experience Like No Other

Lenggries, south of Bad Tölz, is a key town in the Isarwinkel region, and lies at the entrance to the Karwendel mountains. The village is dominated by the 1,555 metre high Brauneck, the local mountain. On one of its lower slopes, the “Jaudenhang”, the “Jaudenhangflitzer” nestles harmoniously into the landscape.

It is 1,600 metres long and resembles a roller coaster. In the rail-guided toboggans, you whizz through 24 steep curves. Descent highlights include an adventure jump and an exciting ride through a barn! Further north, on the “Streidlhang” slope, mountain bikers can let off steam in a bike park.

Bull carts also provide special downhill fun on the “Streidlhang” slope. These are non-motorised, oversized tricycles – for racers both young and old. First, they glide up the slope in the lift and then whizz down into the valley on a winding piste. Bull carts are suitable for drivers aged 12 and over, and helmets are available to hire. More outdoor action near Lenggries: Paddleboarding on the Sylvenstein reservoir and rafting and kayaking tours on the Isar. (Only in German)

Chiemgau Coaster: Steilkurven, Jumps und Wellen beschleunigen den Puls der Piloten


“Chiemgau Coaster Ruhpolding”: Tonnes of Fun

The spa and holiday resort of Ruhpolding is located in the Miesenbach Valley in the Chiemgau Alps. The local mountain is the 1,600-metre-high “Rauschberg”, which can be reached by cable car. The latest attraction in Ruhpolding is the Chiemgau Coaster summer toboggan run. It is located directly at the northern entrance to the village.

Thanks to hoods to protect passengers against the elements, the ride guarantees fun in almost any weather, for children and adults alike. The rail-guided toboggans are each designed for two people. A lift system pulls them up to the mountain station, from where they whizz down a 1,100 metre long track. The toboggans can reach a top speed of up to 40 kilometres per hour.

Steep curves, jumps and waves will be sure to leave hearts beating faster. There are also thrills when the toboggans cross a hiking trail and hurtle through two circular sections high above the ground. You can stop off at the “Hofalm” mountain cabin at the foot of the toboggan runs with a beer garden and a view of the toboggan runs themselves and the surrounding mountains. There is also a children’s playground. (Only in German)


“Altmühl-Bob Riedenburg”: Hitting the Curves or Riding the Waves

So much tobogganing fun in the Altmühltal valley! The “Altmühl-Bob” near Riedenburg in the district of Kelheim is a modern summer toboggan run. It was built in the Haidhof district opposite the Agatha bathing lake. The lake borders directly on the Main-Danube Canal, which forms a large loop here.

The 1,000 metre long Altmühl-Bob has to overcome a height difference of 45 metres. The carriages run on rails on stainless steel tubes, thereby ensuring maximum safety and silence. The passenger gets to determine the speed. A circular section, seven banked turns, six jumps and four arches provide loads of excitement.

Thrills are also guaranteed on the “Speed Bob”, another track where the toboggans race over high waves at speeds of up to 60 kilometres per hour. The leisure park also includes a quad bike track, a high ropes course and a playground with a petting zoo. The latest attraction is the “Hurricane”, circular vehicles that whirl around a course. Last but not least, the neighbouring Lake Agatha is perfect for a swim. (Only in German)


“Monte Coaster Hirschau”: Maximum Fun up on High

Kaolin, quartz and feldspar have been mined around Hirschau and Schnaittenbach in the district of Amberg since 1833. Kaolin was mainly used for porcelain production, but today it is mainly used in paper production. Over the course of time, huge open-cast mines have been created, and a large quartz sand mountain has grown from the overburden – the famous “Monte Kaolino”.

A leisure park has been created around the sand dune – 150 metres high in total – with an outdoor pool, forest high ropes course, campsite, adventure golf, skater and roller ski track, Segway hire, geology trail, restaurants and a summer toboggan run: the “Monte Coaster”.

Its toboggans are pulled up the Monte in just under two minutes. Then, the rapid descent begins. The toboggans roll along the 800 metre long track on rails at speeds of up to 40 kilometres per hour. Jumps and waves, six 180-degree bends and a 360-degree panoramic circular section provide adrenaline kicks. There is also a lift up to the dune for sand skiers, sandboarders and “Zipflbob” – or “Mini Bob” riders. And pedestrians even get to walk down the soft sand! (Only in German)


Summer Toboggan Run on the Silberberg: Fast-Paced Action from the “Bischofsmütze” Mountain Peak

“Silberberg” mountain in the Bavarian Forest is not only recommended as an excursion destination for families. It towers nearly 1,000 metres high in the south-east of Bodenmais. Its rocky double summit – also known as the “Bischofshaube” – is striking, and the view is marvellous. You can get up there on foot or by chairlift.

From the Middle Station, a tub toboggan run invites you to go downhill over a 600 metre long stretch with a 90 metre difference in altitude. The toboggans roll through sharp bends or along long straights. Everyone sets their own pace, be it lightning fast or a leisurely roll.

There are also other leisure activities to be enjoyed: summer tubing track, forest and adventure playgrounds, petting zoo, archery, hikes and visits to the former silver mine, where the precious metal has been mined since the 12th century. Vitriol extraction also became more important in later times.

Sommerrodelbahn Sankt Englmar im Bayerischen Wald


Tobogganing Paradise Sankt Englmar: Bobsleigh and Coaster

Sankt Englmar forms part of the Donau-Wald region in the Bavarian Forest, around 25 kilometres north-east of Straubing. The summer tobogganing attractions here are called “Bayerwald-Bob” and “Bayerwald-Coaster”.

The bobsleigh rolls along a 1,000 metre long track in a stainless steel channel close to the ground. It whizzes through simple bends, double S-bends and steep bends. The height difference stands at 60 metres. The equally long coaster, on the other hand, runs on rails and stilts above the ground and crosses the bobsleigh run several times. Its highlight is a 360-degree steep-wall gyro, while steep bends and jumps also make for an action-packed ride.

Other attractions on the leisure grounds: the 12 metre high family free-fall tower “Biber-Hopser”, a bungee trampoline, the rollercoaster “Da voglwuide Sepp” or “Crazy Sepp” – the starting carriage is modelled on a horn toboggan that pulls a load of wood behind it, a flying fox, climbing playground, 20 metre viewing tower, indoor play hall, mega slides, and so much more. (Only in German)


Ochsenkopf: Alpine Coaster

At the Ochsenkopf valley station north in Bischofsgrün, visitors head up to the start of the all-weather toboggan run – a kind of rollercoaster. During the ascent, there are views of the Fichtelgebirge mountains to be savoured.

The exciting downhill ride with the coaster on stilts and rails runs over a 1,000 metre long, varied route with lots of bends and a 360-degree circle. The toboggans overcome a height difference of 130 metres.

Each driver regulates the speed themselves with the help of modern eddy current brakes, which are operated with levers on both sides. The maximum speed is 40 kilometres per hour. In rainy weather, protective hoods keep the riders dry. The toboggan run, in turn, is 1,000 metres long, and runs in a stainless steel channel. The toboggans roll through ten steep bends.

Other fun sports on offer at the Ochsenkopf: single trail and downhill for mountain bikers, a climbing forest with six courses and a “flying fox”. And, last but not least, there is a Nordic Parc and a 500 kilometre network of hiking trails for walkers.

Fröschbrunna-Coaster Kronach


Fröschbrunna-Coaster Kronach: Don’t Miss Out!

The name “Fröschbrunn” actually means something like “fresh well” or “spring”. The name was given to a farmstead (manor) of the Veste Rosenberg castle fortress, which towers high above Kronach in Upper Franconia. Today, the “Wirtshaus zum Fröschbrunna” in the Franconian Forest is a popular excursion destination with its Franconian specialities.

And if you’re up for it, why not take a ride on the Fröschbrunna Coaster ... From the turn of the millennium in 2,000, it is the place to go downhill all year round. A lift pulls the bobs aloft, during which you can enjoy the view of the Old Town of Kronach and the Rodach valley. Then it’s off down to the valley on a rail-guided toboggan and through serpentines. The route, which takes you through woods and across meadows, is 650 metres long and the difference in altitude is 60 metres.

The upper section is flat; only further down does it get steeper and, therefore, faster. Afterwards, enjoy a beer from the Gampertbräu brewery in Weissenbrunn-Kronach or a glass of wine from Volkach in the pub. (Only in German)

Sommerrodelbahn Pottenstein


Pottenstein Summer Toboggan Run: Adventure Rocks!

The climatic health resort of Pottenstein – situated in the district of Bayreuth – is located in the Franconian Switzerland Nature Park (Naturpark Fränkische Schweiz). The town is dominated by the castle of the same name, which is perched high on a rocky spur and is considered one of the oldest castles in the region. St Elisabeth of Thuringia is said to have stayed there in 1228. Notable attractions include the Old Town with its half-timbered buildings, framed by dolomite rocks, and the “Devil’s Cave”, a famous stalactite cave. Pottenstein also has two summer toboggan runs.

They are, among others, the attractions of the “Erlebnisfelsen” (“Adventure Rocks”) leisure park. It was created opposite the rock pool, a natural swimming pool. The “Frankenrodel” is a classic summer toboggan run in the shape of a trough, 1,160 metres long. The toboggans on the second run, the “Frankenbob”, roll down the mountain on rails up to six metres above the ground. “Jumps” provide action-packed thrills throughout.

Other leisure highlights for young and old: a skywalk with a viewing platform, climbing attractions, a bungee trampoline, mini karts, bumper boats, the “Grüner Hexenbesen” roller coaster and a climbing playground. (Only in German)

Somnmerrodelbahn Pleinfeld


Prince Carl Summer Toboggan Run in Pleinfeld: Let’s Roll!

Carl Philipp Prince von Wrede, a field marshal in Bavarian service, fought first against Napoleon, then with Napoleon (from 1805) and then, from 1813, against him once more. Wrede is said to have schemed with Crown Prince Ludwig I to bring about the downfall of the leading minister Montgelas in 1817. In 1815, Wrede received the distinguished honour “Deutschordenschloss Ellingen” from King Max I Joseph for his services. The building in the district of Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen is open to visitors.

This area includes an adventure park with a summer toboggan run in Pleinfeld, near the “Großer Brombachsee” lake in the Franconian Lake District (“Fränkisches Seenland”). There are two 500-metre-long trough courses, some gentle, some fast. There is also a bungee trampoline, mini golf course and catering.

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