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Canoe tours, mountain hikes, dripstone caves, high ropes courses and summer skiing: Eastern Bavaria is versatile! 12 special experiences in the region that you shouldn't miss under any circumstances

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12 x Must-do experiences

Baumwipfelpfad Neuschönau in Nationalparkzentrum Lusen

Treetop trail at Neuschönau

A chance to move through the beech, pine and spruce trees on a treetop trail measuring 1,300 metres in length and between eight and 25 metres high. The highlight is a treetop tower 44 metres up in the air. Where? At the Lusen National Park Centre near Neuschönau.

Auf dem Qualitätswanderweg Goldsteig

Goldsteig - Quality Walking Trail

From Marktredwitz to Passau. Germany’s longest and most diverse Quality Walking Trail runs along various routes, ranging from moderate to challenging, through the Oberpfälzer Wald, the Bavarian Forest and Bohemia. Main route: 660 km, 840 km with loops, branches and alternate routes.

Wandern am Richard-Wagner-Kopf am Großen Arber

Acht Tausender

This is probably the best known hiking trail in the Lamer Winkel region. From the starting point of Eck you go along the ridge over the “Acht Tausender” and up to the Große Arber.
bayerischer-wald.org (only in German)

Die zwei Meter hohen Grashalme von Magdalena in den Gläsernen Gärten

The Crystal Road

This road leads around 250 kilometres through the Oberpfälzer and the Bavarian Forest. The 700-year-old glass tradition of the region is inextricably entwined with art and culture. Experience the world of glass in galleries, museums and huts.
dieglasstrasse.de (only in German)

Burg Brunn: Eine der besterhaltenen Ritterburgen Bayerns


This 237 km Quality Walking Trail goes in 13 stages over the mountains and through the valleys of the Danube, Altmühl, Weißer and Schwarzer Laber, Lauterach, Vils and Naab. It also offers 18 additional loops that deviate from the main trail.


King Otto Cave

Eine der schönsten Tropfsteinhöhlen Deutschlands mit einer gesamten Wegstrecke von 270 Metern und einer Tiefe von bis zu 70 Metern. 
erlebniswelt-velburg.de (only in German)

Fahrradtour im Hopfenland Hallertau

Lower Bavaria Tour

Bathing costume, beer and Baroque - the Lower Bavaria Tour traverses the Bavarian spa country and unites flood plains with bubbling thermal springs, beer and culinary delights with lavish Baroque on a 244 km cycle trip. From Regensburg through the Hallertau to Passau.
bayerisches-thermenland.de (only in German)

Am kleinen Arbersee können schwimmende Inseln beobachtet werden

Trans Bayerwald

As demanding as a Transalp race and just as rich an experience: the Trans Bayerwald is a new mountain bike circuit that runs for around 700 km and climbs 17,000 metres in altitude between Furth im Wald and Passau, passing through the most beautiful parts of the Bavarian Forest. 
trans-bayerwald.de (only in German)

Kanutour auf dem Schwarzen Regen

Boat trip along the River Regen

Travel with your own kayak, canoe or dinghy on the Schwarzer Regen River from Viechtach downstream to Lake Höllensteinsee and on to Lake Blaibach in the Bavarian Forest, passing through the pristine landscape of “Bavarian Canada”. Suitable for beginners and experienced paddlers alike.

Monte Kaolino: Sommerski bei Hirschau

Forest High Rope Course and Summer Skiing on Monte Kaolino

At 120 metres, Monte Kaolino near Hirschau is made of quartz sand, the spoil from kaolin mining. The white mountain is used for summer skiing and also has a dune pool and campsite. Nearby is a forest high rope course.
www.montekaolino.eu (only in German)

Thermalbad Bad Birnbach

Well–being Spas

70 years ago, people prospecting for oil in the Lower Bavarian Rottal valley instead found thermal springs, particularly therapeutic for back and joint problems. This led to the development of the spa resorts of Bad Füssing, Bad Griesbach and Bad Birnbach. Bad Gögging and Bad Abbach, in contrast, have a history dating back to Roman times. 
bayerisches-thermenland.de (only in German)



This is a project of the landscape conservation associations of Amberg-Sulzbach, Neumarkt, Regensburg and Schwandorf to preserve the biological diversity of the Upper Palatinate Jura. They produce lamb, pasture-fed beef, fruit and honey products.
juradistl.de (only in German)

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