Olympiapark München aus der Vogelperspektive
Leisure paradise

The Olympic Park is one of the great highlights of Munich. With its unique stadiums, major sporting events, concerts and exhibitions, as well as a wide range of leisure activities, it attracts many visitors

Munich Olympic Park (Olympiapark)

Munich’s Olympic Park was the venue for the XX. 1972 Olympic Games. Today it is an attractive location for cultural and sporting events, for sports, games and excitement. Or “only” – or above all! – a green paradise for walking and relaxing. With its famous tent roof, mountain, lake and lake stage, the park, which covers approximately 225 football pitches, is one of the largest green spaces in the Bavarian capital.

Zip wire or abseiling

The best thing to do first is to drive up to the Olympic Tower and get an excellent view from a height of 190 metres. The view of the park, Munich, the surrounding countryside and, on a clear day, the Alps, is as unique as the Olympic Tower itself.

Afterwards, you can discover the park at ground level and on your own or on guided tours. The little park “train” runs through the park from May to October. A stadium tour, on the other hand, takes you through the VIP and team areas of the Olympic Stadium, site of major sporting events such as the World Cup or the Olympics! You can also explore the stadium on your own.

It is spectacular to climb onto the tent roof of the Olympic Stadium and whiz through the stadium air on a flying fox. Abseiling from the roof over forty metres down onto the stadium turf is also on offer!

Blick über ganz München vom Olympiaturm
Olympiapark München: Sitzreihen im Stadion

Tablet rally for small teams

The iPad Rally is a task for the whole family, divided into small teams. With an app, you can learn about the park’s history and discover the most beautiful places. Around the stadium and the lake, the teams search for QR codes, answer questions, find geocaches and take photos and videos. The iPad shows the way, but you determine the route yourself.

Other park activities include mini-golf, swimming, boat hire, inline skating and ice skating.

At a glance

  • Tent roof tour with Flying Fox
  • Ice skating at the Olympic Ice Sports Centre
  • Mini golf with 18 mini golf holes
  • Swimming in the Olympic Swimming Hall
  • Boat hire in Lake Olympia
  • SoccArena with indoor football pitches
  • Olympic Tower with 360-degree view over Munich
  • Rock Museum in the Olympic Tower
  • Ride through the Olympic Park with the park railway
  • Explore the park with an audio guide
  • Species-rich underwater world at Sea Life
  • Ticket Olympiaturm 11 euros for adults, family ticket 23 euros, children under 6 free

Further details and prices

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