Die Band Loamsiada bei einem Konzert im City Club Augsburg
A Boy band in Bavarian

The “Loamsiada” are an indie band with audible Bavarian elements. They combine “Dialect pop with urban brass”. It gets you going and makes you want to dance

The Loamsiada

Most boy bands are invented by marketing departments. In contrast, the dialect band Loamsiada was born on a summer night in 2022 on a terrace in the center of Augsburg, with Moritz “Mo” Ludl and Valentin “Vale” Metzger acting as midwives, assisted by a few “Hochmoorgeist” spritzers.

It was pure coincidence that Mo and Vale sat together on this terrace that evening, or rather it was due to a used washing machine that Mo had to transport up to his shared flat, with Vale spontaneously helping out,  which was why they shared a few cold drinks on said terrace afterwards. And at the end they founded a band. The Loamsiada, literally: Glueboilers.

Die Gründer der Band Loamsiada Moritz „Mo“ Ludl (rechts) und Valentin „Vale“ Metzger (links)

Dialect Pop with Urban Brass

Any band that takes itself seriously needs a good founding story. However, apart from a funny origin story, the Loamsiada also have great music to offer. Modern Bavarian rock sounds that get you going and make you want to dance.

Bavarian sounds? On the one hand, there are the lyrics in dialect, which Mo Ludl writes, where he also likes to include one or two dialect words from Thierhaupten, his hometown north of Augsburg. And on the other hand, there are the wind arrangements, because they come to a large extent from Bavarian brass music – with which Vale began his musical career. 

To us, tradition is not something set in stone.

The Loamsiada songs all have a new, fresh, contemporary and super relaxed feel. “To us, tradition is not something set in stone,” say the two musicians, who met while studying education at the University of Augsburg.

“So much has happened in Bavarian music in the last 20 years, and that’s great! It is completely normal that you can now also work with modern chords and instruments. Just like us!”

After forming the band in the early summer of 2022, Vale, Mo and their five backing musicians got off to a furious start. In just a quarter of a year, they completed eleven live performances. They also produced their first EP with five songs like “Nix kann mi hoitn”, “Mr. Taxi Man” and the ballad “Wenn i a Radl wär”. It is titled “Hebauf”.

But the Loamsiada have much more in their repertoire. At their concerts they play 90-minute sets. They have already written 17 songs, “so we'll have to go back into the studio soon!” laugh Mo and Vale.

They are not lacking in inspiration. Mo, who writes most of the songs, prefers to be inspired by his everyday life. Which is why one of the more recent Loamsiada pieces (“Kanapé”) is a declaration of love for his sofa. Of course, the two musicians are also interested in what else is going on in the Bavarian dialect music scene.

“We pay close attention to what bands like La Brass Banda, Django 3000 or Haindling are doing. You don’t always have to like everything, but we spend nights discussing all the dialect acts we know. This is also a form of inspiration for us,” says Vale.

Der Saxophonist der Band Loamsiada im City Club Augsburg kurz vor dem Auftritt
Der Schlagzeuger der Band Loamsiada im City Club Augsburg

By the way, the Loamsiada have another funny story to tell. And it concerns their name. After all, a “Leimsieder” is not a compliment in Bavarian, but rather a swear word for someone who just can’t get it together. “But as a band, we see ourselves as the antithesis to the modern hectic of everyday life,” explains Mo. “We stand more for the deceleration model in life. And that is why it fits. Also, we’ve found that people can relate to it ... even though the word is so hard to pronounce.”

Learn more about the Loamsiada at loamsiada.com (only in German)

Die Loamsiada bei einem Konzert im City Club Augsburg

The Loamsiada in a video portrait (in German)

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