Jockls Passion? Wissen sammeln, neue Geschmäcker entdecken, Menschen begeistern
The art of fine cuisine

In his “Meyers Keller”, Jockl Kaiser combines regional classics such as stuffed cabbage and blood sausage with gourmet cuisine and sustainability. And his Culatello Riserva ham is enjoyed by gourmets across Europe

Star chef Jockl Kaiser

A Biergarten under high lime trees, a simple, rustic dining room, a quaint brewery cellar – at first glance, “Meyers Keller” is a classic Bavarian inn. The menu also includes typical regional dishes: Maultaschen, Krautwickel, Zwiebelrostbraten. A Swabian-Franconian offering - just what locals in the Nördlinger Ries love best. However, guests here will also hear reverent murmuring, see artistically served meals and taste the finest flavours. It may be traditional inn cuisine. But at a Michelin-star level.

From inn fare to Michelin star cuisine

Nobody does this like Jockl Kaiser. He is the creative mastermind behind “Meyers Keller”. In the mid-eighties, Jockl and his wife Evelin - then in their early twenties - took over the traditional inn from Jockl’s mother. They soon decided to turn the classic inn into something truly special.

“We offer high-quality gourmet and regional cuisine, we have banished Biergarten food from the menu and dramatically reduced our outdoor dining area from 360 to 70 seats,” is how the trained chef summarises his successful approach. “So step by step we developed a modern and sustainable concept that we have maintained to this day.”

Kreative Regionalküche, die Auge und Gaumen beglückt

At the top of his game

Jockl Kaiser soon won over his guests with his combination of smart rural cuisine and uncompromising quality. However, it would be 25 years before he got the most coveted award in his industry - a Michelin star. “To get such an accolade is indescribable. The first star was the most emotional experience in my whole career to date,” says Kaiser of his big moment. Since then, he and his team have brought back the star to Nördlingen year after year.

Trotz seiner Expertise sieht sich Jockl noch immer als "Lehrling"

From brewery to Michelin-star restaurant - Jockl Kaiser has truly made the best of his inheritance from his parents. Where once beers from the brewery were stored, today his own high-class Rieser Culatello Rieserva ham matures.

Where Jockl Kaiser used to hold Maultaschen eating competitions with his brother, today his guests enjoy very special moments. Ultimately, Kaiser attributes his success to his eagerness to learn: “Integrating tradition into contemporary gastronomy only works if you get totally immersed in the subject.”

Jockl produziert einen schon legendären Culatello Riserva

Open to everything that comes along

Jockl Kaiser is not one to rest on his laurels. “In our industry, being avant garde is incredibly important,” as the Nördlinger native know only too well. He proves this with his modern interpretations of regional classics: “A perfect example is our Blutwurst-G’röscht’l. Blutwurst, or blood sausage, is based on old recipes. We serve it on a celery puree with glazed apples. The special recipe alongside this combination turns the classic dish into something very fine and elegant, not as heavy and hearty as usual.”

The Michelin-starred chef is consistent in following his visions. Yet despite his expertise, Kaiser still describes himself as a trainee: “I’m still curious, eager to learn and open to everything that comes along.”

... from Jockl

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Video with Jockl Kaiser

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