Bieramt: Jede Woche gibt es wechselndes Fassbier aus Franken
Boss of the "Beer Department"

Boris Braun brings a quaffable element of Franconian identity to life in the “Bieramt” (=Beer Department) in Nuremberg. We took a tour of this venue with its centuries’ old history and superbly curated beer menu

Boris Braun

A stream of voices hangs in the air. Franconian dialect blurs with languages from across the globe. A young student plays guitar whilst his girlfriend sings. Parents laugh with their children; an old married couple have an animated conversation. On the historical Tiergärtnertorplatz in Nuremberg, life is as vibrant as that on a piazza in the south. Boris Braun takes in the spectacle with a satisfied look: “I work where others holiday”, he says proudly.

He has been at the “Bieramt” pub since it first opened. The pub was opened in 2008, in a former coachman’s inn complete with a drinking trough for horses. Situated in the immediate vicinity of the Albrecht Dürer Haus, below Nuremberg Castle, guests find themselves on one of the most attractive, preserved historical squares in Nuremberg: Tiergärtnertorplatz.

Experience local beer culture in a historical setting

The Bieramt has 18 to 20 beers on its permanent menu

Here families meet single people, young meet old and locals meet tourists. Everyone is welcome to sit here and enjoy the views of Nuremberg city walls and the old timber-framed houses. But it isn’t just the convivial atmosphere and impressive backdrop that attract up to 500 people to Tiergärtnertorplatz in the summer. The Bieramt is a big draw for locals from Nuremberg and visitors from across the world.

Here you can find a truly special tour of temptation: a beer pub that only services beers from Franconia. The Bieramt has 18 to 20 beers on its permanent menu. In addition, Boris Braun seeks out two additional beers to have on tap – one pale ale and one stout. This adds up to 80 additional beers over the year; all from Franconian breweries.

Bieramt Nürnberg: Das Lokal ist einTreffpunkt mit Kultcharakter

Franconian beers from breweries large and small

Beer has great traditions here – and with around 300 breweries, Franconia still has the highest density of breweries in the world. The Bieramt in Nuremberg certainly benefits here: “There is a lot going on here in the summer”, says Boris Braun. Sometimes people queue for up to ten minutes to get in. It is self-service outdoors in line with the motto: get your drink, sit down and enjoy.

Boris Braun is thrilled that the Franconian beers are so well received: “Beer needs a home”, he explains with conviction. That is why it was obvious to both himself and Christoph Zielke, the owner of the Bieramt, from the very beginning that they should promote local beer culture. “We want to provide a platform for the small, unknown breweries. There is enough mainstream pulp as there is”, says Boris Braun.

Bieramt am Tiergärtnertorplatz: Eine der schönsten Plätze, um in Nürnberg draußen zu sitzen

A local pub in Nuremberg: A meeting place with a cult feel

But in opening the Bieramt, the pair has another goal too: They wanted to bring the square around Tiergärtnertor back to life – it is one of the most picturesque squares in Nuremberg to sit outside in. This concept was pretty much dead until recently: The City of Nuremberg issued a ban on alcohol as people were taking it too far and being too noisy for the local residents.

This image has changed with the Bieramt: Everyone sits and relaxes together, enjoying Franconian beers; locals converse with guests. And, looking on, it soon becomes clear that the Bieramt is about far more than the local beer culture: Here guests can find a meeting point with a history that dates back centuries. You can experience a piece of Franconian identity in Bieramt. And that makes the pub a truly special city temptation.

More info on the "Bieramt" at (only in German)

Boris Braun: Der Leiter des Bieramts in Nürnberg mit seiner Frau

... from Boris

Hembacher Brewery
A beer that I like very much comes from Rednitzhembach in Middle Franconia. Hembacher Brauerei brews an excellent Kellerpils and an unfiltered lager. Three times a year, these varieties are also available at the "Bieramt". For me, the brewery is representative of the Franconian weirdo, maverick and quality fanatic. The owner sells his beer only to people who pick it up themselves. And only delivers to selected restaurateurs who guarantee that the cold chain is not interrupted.

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