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Spend the most beautiful time of the year, your vacation, with us in Fichtelberg. Fichtelberg is an oasis of well-being and recreation in the Fichtelgebirge and an insider tip for your vacation days!

Our state-approved climatic health resort with the districts Neubau and Hüttstadl-St. Veit is located at the beautiful Fichtelsee in the heart of the nature park "Hohes Fichtelgebirge".

A well signposted hiking and Nordic walking network, as well as cycling and mountain biking routes invite you to explore our natural landscape.

Thanks to its altitude, Fichtelberg is the ideal place for various winter sports activities. Almost predestined is the area around the ski resort "Bleaml Alm"

in the district of Neubau. There you will also find the 2.5 km long, illuminated ski roller and inline skating track for outdoor sports. Let our gastronomy spoil you with Franconian home cooking.

Information on accessibility

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All areas relevant for testing meet the quality criteria of the label "Accessibility certified - partially accessible for people with walking disabilities".

Some information on accessibility are listed below. Detailed information can be found in the test report.

  • There is one marked parking space for people with disabilities (parking space size: 350 cm x 500 cm).
  • The bus station of Fichtelberg is 500 m away.
  • The Tourist Information is steplessly accessible.
  • All evaluated rooms and facilities available to the guests are steplessly accessible.
  • All evaluated passageways/doors available to the guests are at least 93 cm wide.
  • The counter is 75 cm high at its lowest point. There is another communication possibility while in a sitting position.

Public toilet for people with disabilities

  • The maneuvering spaces are: 
    • in front of/behind the door, in front of the toilet and the washbasin at least 150 cm x 160 cm; 
    • left of the toilet at least 150 cm x 54 cm.
  • There are handles on the right and left of the toilet. The handle on the left of the toilet can be folded up.
  • The washbasin is wheelchair accessible.
  • The mirror cannot be seen while standing or sitting.
  • An alarm trigger is present.

Some information on accessibility are listed below. For detailed information please see the evaluation report.

  • Assistance dogs are allowed in relevant areas.
  • The entrance is visually rich in contrast.
  • The evaluated areas that can be used by the guest are well lit, i.e. bright and glare-free.
  • There are no visually contrasting or tactilely detectable floor indicators.
  • The signage is designed in clearly legible and contrasting font.

Some information on accessibility are listed below. For detailed information please see the evaluation report.

  • There is no clearly visible alarm.
  • There is an audio induction loop at the counter.
  • The information on the exhibits (broschures) is predominately provided in written form.

 Some information on accessibility are listed below. For detailed information please see the evaluation report.

  • The name or logo of the establishment is clearly recognizable from the outside.
  • The destinations of the paths are always within sight or there are signs at a visible distance.
  • There is no information in easy language.
  • Information or signs are displayed with pictograms.
Certified in the period: January 2023 – December 2025

Address & contact

Tourist-Information Fichtelberg

Gablonzer Straße 11
95686 Fichtelberg
Phone number: +49 9272 97032

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