MS Weltenburg on the Danube

Ship "MS Weltenburg"


Welcome on board: The Stadler passenger boat fleet shows all guests the breathtaking beauty of the Danube and Altmühl river landscapes.

On the modern passenger ships of the Stadler fleet, all guests can experience the most beautiful river landscapes of Bavaria: From the port of Kelheim, the fleet departs for the picturesque Altmühl Valley, through the Weltenburg Narrows and rocky massifs of the Danube Breakthrough to the Weltenburg Monastery, or along the steeply exciting Jura cliffs to the World Heritage City of Regensburg.  

The MS Weltenburg is an event location of a special kind: In addition to the regular scheduled cruises, unforgettable theme and excursion cruises such as barbecue evenings with music, winter mulled wine or romantic fireworks cruises take place on board. Even marriages are possible here. Access from shore to the "MS Weltenburg" is step-free thanks to the use of mobile ramps. The sanitary facilities are accessible to people with limited mobility by means of a Euro key. The lower deck is ideally suited for wheelchairs. The middle and upper decks are only accessible via steps.

Information on accessibility

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Some information on accessibility are listed below. Detailed information can be found in the test report.

  • There is a public car park at the Kelheim landing stage. There are six marked parking spaces for people with disabilities (space size 280 cm x 500 cm). The landing stage is 50 m away. There is a local transport stop 250 m away.  
  • There is no general parking at the Weltenburg pier.
  • The surface of the car park and external paths are easy to walk and drive on.
  • The "Kelheim" ticket counter is 120 cm high. The ticket counter "Weltenburg" is 115 cm high. There are no alternative communication options in a seated position.
  • Seating is available at the landing stages Kelheim 1 and 2 and Weltenburg.
  • Access to the MS "Weltenburg" is via a 9 m long ramp (catwalk) with a 22 % longitudinal incline and a width of 103 cm (incline depends on water level). Handrails are provided on both sides.
  • A second 2 m long ramp with 27 % longitudinal inclination and without handrails is available in the interior area at the door. The max. usable walking width is 86 cm.
  • The lower deck (entrance area) is accessible without steps via ramps. The middle and upper deck are only accessible via steps.
  • Passages/doors are at least 80 cm wide.
  • There are door thresholds up to 6.5 cm high.
  • There are wheelchair-accessible tables in the dining areas on the lower deck, middle deck and upper deck. There are no wheelchair accessible tables in the outdoor area.
  • Aids provided: Defibrillator. Other aids can be provided by arrangement.

Public toilet

  • The maneuvering spaces are:
    in front of the washbasin 107 cm x 101 cm;
    in front of the toilet 164 cm x 73 cm;
    to the left of the toilet 31 cm x 56 cm;
    to the right of the toilet 24 cm x 56 cm.
  • There are grab rails to the left and right of the toilet.
  • The washbasin is accessible from underneath at a height of 67 cm and a depth of less than 30 cm.
  • The mirror can be viewed while sitting or standing.

Some information on accessibility are listed below. Detailed information can be found in the test report.

  • Assistance dogs are allowed.
  • The entrance area to the ship is visually contrasted with the surroundings.
  • Glass doors are not marked with safety markings.
  • There are no obstacles, e.g. objects protruding into the path/room.
  • Passenger information is provided in legible font. There is no information in Braille or prismatic writing.
  • Paths are almost everywhere visually rich in contrast and marked with tactile markings. The walls can be used for orientation almost everywhere.
  • The evaluated areas usable by the guest are bright and glare-free.
  • Stairs usually do not have high-contrast step surfaces. Handrails are present almost everywhere.
  • The menu font is simple and visually rich in contrast, but not available in large print.
  • Aids offered: reading aids (reading glasses, magnifying glasses, etc.), defibrillator. Other aids can be provided on request

Some information on accessibility are listed below. Detailed information can be found in the test report.

  • There is no alarm.
  • There is no audio induction loop.
  • Written stop information is available at the landing stage.
  • Information is provided in written form.
  • In all dining rooms there are tables with bright and glare-free lighting, where there are no lamps that restrict the field of vision. Seating areas with low background noises are assigned by service staff on request.

Some information on accessibility are listed below. Detailed information can be found in the test report.

  • Name and logo of the passenger ship are clearly visible from the outside.
  • The destinations of the paths are usually within sight or there is an uninterrupted guidance system.
  • Information for orientation is provided in photorealistic representation.
  • There is no menu with pictures. The dishes are not presented visibly.
Certified in the period: September 2022 – August 2025

Address & contact

MS Weltenburg

Donaulände - Nähe Stadtknechtstr. 5
93305 Kelheim
Phone number: +49 (0)9441-1770390

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