Ship "MS Kelheim"


Ship ahoy: The fleet of the Stadler passenger shipping company shows all guests the fascinating river landscapes of the Danube and Altmühl.

On the modern passenger ships of the Stadler fleet, all guests can experience the most beautiful river landscapes of Bavaria: From Kelheim, the ships set off through the majestic Danube breakthrough to the Weltenburg Monastery or into the wildly romantic Altmühl Valley past ancient castles and fortresses towards Riedenburg - the pearl of the Altmühl Valley. A trip to the world heritage city of Regensburg is as charming as it is impressive. The steeply towering Jura rock massifs reveal bizarre shapes at the edge of the river. An event location of a special kind: In addition to the regular scheduled trips, Stadler Passenger Shipping also offers unforgettable theme and excursion trips on the "MS Kelheim" and the "MS Weltenburg", such as barbecue evenings with music, winter mulled wine or romantic fireworks trips. You can even get married on board. The barrier-free "MS Kelheim" is completely accessible without steps, from boarding to the sun deck. Since the ship has an elevator, it is ideally suited for people with limited mobility.  It has barrier-free sanitary facilities. Visual contrasts facilitate orientation. The main deck with spacious corridors is air-conditioned.

Information on accessibility

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All areas relevant for testing meet the quality criteria of the label "Accessibility certified - partially accessible for people with walking disabilities and partially accessible for wheelchair users".

Some information on accessibility are listed below. Detailed information can be found in the test report.

  • The MS Kelheim is accessible without steps via a ramp and a mobile ramp (crossing aid). The inclination of the ramp depends on the water level.
  • All rooms and facilities that can be used and raised for the guest are accessible without steps, via a ramp or a lift.
  • The platform of the lift is 110 cm x 200 cm. 
  • All doors/passages that can be used and raised for the guest are at least 90 cm wide.
  • There are no accessible tables in the restaurant area. 
  • The following aids are provided: Reading aids (reading glasses, magnifying glasses, etc.), defibrillator 

Public toilet for people with disabilities

  • The maneuvering spaces are:
    in front of the sink 254 cm x 130 cm;
    in front of the toilet 254 cm x 110 cm;
    to the left of the toilet 90 cm x 71 cm;
    to the right of the toilet 30 cm x 71 cm.
  • There are grab rails to the left and right of the toilet.
  • Both grab rails can be fliepped-up. 
  • The sink is wheelchair accessible..
  • The mirror can be seen while standing or sitting.
  • There is an alarm trigger.

Some information on accessibility are listed below. For detailed information please see the evaluation report.

  • Assistance dogs are allowed in relevant areas/rooms.
  • The entrance is visually rich in contrast and recognizable by a tactile change of floor covering.
  • The evaluated areas that can be used by the guest are predominantly well lit, i.e. bright and glare-free.
  • There are no visually contrasting or tactilely detectable floor indicators.
  • The signage is designed in clearly legible and contrasting font.
  • Steps are not visually rich in contrast.
  • The menu font in the restaurant is straightforward and visually rich in contrast.
  • There is no menu in large print or Braille.
  • Information is not available in Braille or prismatic writing.

Some information on accessibility are listed below. For detailed information please see the evaluation report.

  • There is no clearly visible alarm.
  • There is no audio induction loop.
  • In the restaurant area there are tables with bright and glare-free lighting, on which there are no lamps standing or hanging that restrict the field of vision or eye contact.
  • There is a seating area with low background noises (e.g. seating corner, separate room).

Some information on accessibility are listed below. For detailed information please see the evaluation report.

  • The name or logo of the establishment/facility is clearly recognizable from the outside.
  • There is no colored or pictorial guidance system.
  • Information for orientation is partly displayed with pictorial symbols (pictograms, photorealistic representation).
  • There is no menu with pictures and the dishes are not visibly presented (buffet, bar).
  • There is no information in easy language.
Certified in the period: December 2022 – November 2025

Address & contact

MS Kelheim

Donaupark 10
93309 Kelheim
Phone number: +49 9441 1770390

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