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Wirsberg - climatic health resort with fun factor!  The holiday away from everyday life already starts in our youth hostel with its 20 rooms. From our house you have a wonderful view over the landscape. We are located right at the end of Wirsberg, a climatic health resort, below the edge of a forest. The experience of nature begins right outside our front door.
We want to offer every guest a statisfying stay. One wing is completely adapted to the needs of wheelchair users. Another wing is specially designed for families.

Pure fun for all - a campfire site, children's playground, sports facilities and an all-weather pitch await you at our youth hostel. Raise the curtain for orchestras, theatre and dance groups: Here you will find the perfect stage with electric piano for your rehearsals. You will also find everything you need for your seminars and workshops.
Enjoy the community without barriers - To enable people with walking difficulties to enjoy their stay unhindered, this youth hostel is equipped to meet the needs of wheelchair users who can move their wheelchairs themselves.
Our tip: Youth hostels cannot always be correctly assigned to the terms "wheelchair accessible" and "wheelchair-friendly". Before you decide on a stay, get detailed advice from the hostel team.

Our hostel offers:

  • One overnight wing is handicapped accessible, so that adventure and recreation days without barriers are also possible for young people with walking difficulties (wheelchair users).
  • The house has 7 suitable dormitories, for which 1 assigned wheelchair accessible shower/WC & toilet is available.
  • You can drive up to the gate by car, the entrance is at ground level and the entrance hall is large and spacious.
  • On the ground floor there is a group room with TV, which is accessible by wheelchair.
  • The hall on the 1st floor is accessible for wheelchairs from outside, not inside the house.

Information on accessibility

Download short report as PDF

All areas relevant for testing meet the quality criteria of the label "Accessibility certified - partially accessible for people with walking disabilities".

Some information on accessibility are listed below. For detailed information please see the evaluation report.

  • Behind the building there are two designated parking spaces for people with disabilities. These can be used upon request. They are not easy to walk and drive on.
  • The path from the car park to the entrance is 60 m long, not easy to walk and drive on and has a maximum longitudinal gradient of 15 % over a distance of 6 m.
  • The bus stop "Rathaus" is 500 m away.
  • The main entrance has a threshold of 5 cm, the rear entrance has a threshold of 3 cm.
  • All evaluated rooms and facilities available to the guests are accessible without steps.
  • All evaluated passageways/doors available to the guests are at least 80 cm wide with the exception of the door to the public WC (68 cm).
  • The reception desk is 111 cm high. There is another, equivalent communication possibility while in a sitting position.
  • There are wheelchair accessible tables in the dining room (maximum height 80 cm, wheelchair accessible at a height of 67 cm and a depth of 30 cm).

Rooms 1.28 and 1.30 (multi-bedrooms)

  • The maneuvering spaces are:
    behind the door 90 cm x 200 cm (room 1.28) or 120 cm x 200 cm (room 1.30);
    in front of essential, fixed furnishings (e.g. wardrobe) and in front of the double bunk bed 200 cm x 200 cm.
  • The lower beds are each 48 cm high.

Sanitary room to rooms 1.28 and 1.30

  • The door opens inward.
  • The manoeuvring spaces are:
    in front of the WC and the washbasin 140 cm x 200 cm;
    to the left of the WC 150 cm x 54 cm and to the right of the WC 90 cm x 54 cm.
  • There are fold-up grab rails to the left and right of the WC.
  • The washbasin is wheelchair compatible and the mirror can be viewed while standing or sitting.
  • The shower has no treshold and measures 150 cm x 150 cm. A shower seat and grab rails are provided.
  • There is an alarm trigger available.

Some information on accessibility are listed below. For detailed information please see the evaluation report.

  • Assistance dogs are allowed in relevant areas/rooms.
  • All evaluated areas usable by the guest are well illuminated, i.e. bright and glare-free.
  • There are no visually contrasting or tactilely detectable floor indicators.
  • The signage is designed in clearly legible and contrasting font.
  • Stairs sometimes have visually contrasting edges and at least one handrail on one side.
  • Information is not available in Braille or prismatic writing.

  Some information on accessibility are listed below. For detailed information please see the evaluation report.

  • There is no clearly visible alarm.
  • There is no audio induction loop.
  • In the dining room there are tables with bright and glare-free lighting, on which there are no lamps standing or hanging that restrict the field of vision or eye contact. There is no seating area with low background noises (e.g. seating corner, separate room).

Room 1.28 und 1.30 (multi-bedrooms)

  • There is at least one electrical outlet available near the bed.
  • The ringing or knocking on the door is not indicated by a flashing signal which can be perceived in all rooms.
  • WiFi is offered.

Some information on accessibility are listed below. For detailed information please see the evaluation report.

  • The name or logo of the establishment is clearly recognizable from the outside.
  • There is no colored or pictorial guidance system.
  • Information for orientation is partly displayed with pictorial symbols.
  • There is no information in easy language.
Certified in the period: July 2023 – June 2026

Address & contact

Jugendherberge Wirsberg

Sessenreuther Str. 31
95339 Wirsberg
Phone number: +49 9227 6432
E-mail address:

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