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In the Franconian Open Air Museum Bad Windsheim you have the opportunity to experience almost 700 years of Franconian history up close. More than 120 buildings, such as farms, craftsmen's houses, mills, sheep farms, breweries, barns, stables, baking and drying houses invite you to discover the past. The buildings convey how the rural population in Franconia built, lived and lived in former times. In addition, the kitchen gardens in front of the houses, the hop fields and vineyards, the fields, hedges and meadows with their numerous brooks recreate the old Franconian cultural landscape. Culinary you will be spoiled in four different gastronomic establishments.

The Franconian Open Air Museum strives to take into account the different needs of its visitors and to enable them all to participate as fully as possible in the sense of an inclusive approach. In a continuous process, we therefore try to remove or at least reduce barriers - especially for people with impaired mobility, sight, hearing and understanding.  Through our holistic basic concept, we are able to enable experiences on very different sensory levels: You can hear animals, which you can often even touch, smell the "busy" stable in the house, the smoke from the stove poker hole in the kitchen, the herbs in the gardens and on the herb field, the just-brewed beer brew. The mill "rattles", doors and floorboards creak, rough plaster surfaces, half-timbered joints can be felt.

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Certified in the period: December 2021 – November 2024

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Fränkisches Freilandmuseum

Eisweiherweg 1
91438 Bad Windsheim
Phone number: +49 841 668015

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