Passau: Am höchsten Punkt der Altstadt steht der barocke Stephansdom
Live Mind, Body & Soul in Bavaria

Thinking of both toning up and tuning out? Then this is the perfect trip combo. Experience both the city and countryside action while winding down and pampering unter the best Bavarian care.

Stories and tips from the locals

Kilian Trenkle: Der Kuhschellenschmied und Yogalehrer in seiner Schmiede in Pfronten

Yogi and blacksmith Kilian Trenkle

A smith with inner strength: Kilian Trenkle is the fifth generation of his family to forge cow bells, and also a committed Yogi

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Florian Blickenberger: Der Schmuckdesigner am Simssee in Oberbayern

Sparkling designs by Florian Blickenberger

Designer Florian Blickenberger continues an old tradition. The inspiration for his work as a jewellery designer comes from his homeland

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