Passau: Am höchsten Punkt der Altstadt steht der barocke Stephansdom
Historic & spiritual places

Bavaria’s sacred sites are important places of pilgrimage for those travelers seeking historic and spiritual fulfillment. Witness Bavaria’s rich past.

More details on the places along the tour:

Stories and tips from the locals

Muk Röhrl ist Gastronom in der elften Generation und führt das traditionelle Gasthaus

Landlord Muk Röhrl

The “Gasthaus Röhrl” has been in the hands of just one family since 1658. We met up with Muk Röhrl, who is the eleventh generation to run this inn

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Renate ist Binnenschifferin am Donaudurchbruch

Ship’s captain Renate Schweiger

Thanks to ship’s captain Renate Schweiger, we get to experience the unique Danube Gorge near Weltenburg in all its glory

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