Blick über Donau auf die Regensburger Altstadt, die seit 2006 ein UNESCO-Welterbe ist
Facts & Figures

River cruises in Bavaria are booming, providing visitors with an authentic feel for the region while traveling along stunning scenery. All major river cruise operators are offering Danube cruises with start and end points in Bavaria. Let’s look at the ins and outs of it.

Bavarian River Cruises: Facts & Figures

Which rivers are we talking about?

Danube and Main are Bavaria’s major rivers and included in numerous European routes, such as the Regensburg to Budapest or Amsterdam to Nuremberg stretch. The Main-Danube Canal connects both rivers enabling uninterrupted travel!

Most important things to know about Danube river cruises?

The Bavarian stretch of one of Europe’s most glorious rivers is characterized by outstanding natural beauty and a host of cultural highlights, including

  • the river’s narrowest section at “Weltenburg Enge” (Danube Gorge) Nature Reserve flanked by majestically soaring cliffs and past the baroque gem of Weltenburg Abbey
  • Walhalla hall of fame overlooking the Danube
  • Regensburg, Germany’s best preserved medieval city with the famous Stone Bridge
  • St Stephen’s Cathedral in Passau, home to the world’s largest church organ Popular start and end points are Passau, Regensburg, Vilshofen and Deggendorf.

Most important things to know about Main river cruises?

River cruises on the Bavarian stretch of the Main are extraordinarily scenic and provide insights into the rich history of the region, including

  • Bamberg with its UNESCO listed Old Town and unique smoked beer variety
  • Nuremberg with its stunning castle “Kaiserburg” and historic squares
  • the beautiful city of Würzburg featuring the Residence palace as an architectural masterpiece

Popular start and end points are Nuremberg and Bamberg.

Getting there

Munich airport is your best option for direct flights. Munich Central Station also offers numerous long-distance train travel connections within Germany and Europe.