Tatjana Falk: Die Wildnispädagogin erklärt die Tierspuren im Schnee
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Wilderness instructor Tatjana knows about how to survive in nature.

The forest - a second home

Tatjana feels safe here, knows her way around and is happy. It is precisely this feeling that she together with her husband, passes on to participants in her nature and wilderness school, Waapiti. They also go to a lot of seminars and training courses themselves, but most of all they learn in the forest by observing the flora and fauna.
Even as a child, Tatjana was always fascinated by nature. She used to spend lots of time in the forest, picking flowers and helping her grandmother in the garden. For a long time she worked an office job, however she realised that this work was not for her. By training to be a wilderness instructor she found her way back to happiness.

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Tatjana Falk: Feuer entfachen ganz ohne Streichholz und Feuerzeug

Tatjana's Bavarian experience

Feeling at home in nature

Many of us have forgotten what that’s like. However, the natural world has much to teach us and is a fantastic resource. Tatjana has always been happiest in nature and her wilderness courses allow people to reconnect, recenter and learn practical skills.

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Tatjana's insider tip

To see deer and wild boar up close, visit Forstenrieder Park near Munich and sit in one of the small hides near a wild animal feeding site.

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Tatjana Falk: Die Wildnispädagogin und ihr Mann bringen Mensch und Natur wieder zusammen

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