Franziska Bischof in ihrer Edelbrennerei in Wartmannroth

Meet the locals

People make places. At Bavaria Tourism, we passionately believe in the power of personal and authentic stories to make a destination’s culture and spirit come alive. People’s personal stories are the best way to get up close and personal with the Bavarian way of life and make travel in our region more authentic.

Telling the stories of Bavarian people

How we travel changes more than ever. The demand for more meaningful experiences away from the crowds is rising. We want to inspire travelers to experience Bavarian culture and customs through the region’s people. Because walking in their footsteps and being inspired by their insider tips means meeting Bavaria for real. A Bavaria that is more than the usual sights but innovative and creative while building on treasured traditions. Telling the stories of locals enables creating the emotional connection that make real travel.

Meet our locals

Our locals stand for different topics, traditions and regions but most of all, they stand for many people in our region that are deeply rooted in this part of the world, representing the special Bavarian spirit. They are a symbol for a multitude of personal Bavarian encounters awaiting visitors.

Be it a hop farmer for a deep dive into Bavarian beer production, a creative jewellery maker who finds inspiration in his home region’s great outdoors, a young vintner with a passion for taking wine making to the next level or a craft beer aficionado and restaurateur who is committed to using regional produce – Bavaria is full of people who tell a distinct story through what they do and how they live. Therefore, the locals we are introducing to you here are just a small selection to inspire you. There’s a multitude of encounters to be had across the region!

Be inspired by our Bavarian insiders

Looking behind the scenes, moving off-the-beaten track, authenticity and actually experiencing what a destination is all about are key elements for inspiring travels. Meeting Bavarians across the region also enables new geographical discoveries and shows the whole range of stunning local sceneries to be explored. Unique experiences like the ones showcased here that embody our region’s spirit are ideal building blocks for engaging tour itineraries or, indeed, even a stand-alone reason for a trip to Bavaria.

Change how you discover Bavaria, with people who make a difference: Meet our insiders here and be inspired for your next itinerary.

Meet our locals

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Jockls Passion: Wissen erfahren, neue Geschmäcker entdecken und Menschen begeistern

A Michelin star for modern Bavarian creations

In chef Jockl Kaiser’s “Meyers Keller”, traditional fare meets gourmet standards with delicious results.

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Xaver's: Das Geschwister-Trio Portenlänger

A Bavarian inn with a young heart

Three siblings, one passion for hospitality – “Xaver’s” is a restaurant where people feel at home.

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Der Snow White Gin will gut verkostet sein

A very tasteful Bavarian fairy tale

“Snow White Gin” – meet four friends and their love of nature in drinkable form.

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Silvia Beyer: Die Hüttenwirtin entschied mit zwölf Jahren auf Fleisch zu verzichten

Go veggie in the Bavarian Alps

Silvia Beyer runs the first Alpine mountain hut serving only vegetarian dishes

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Tatjana Falk: Die Wildnispädagogin erklärt die Tierspuren im Schnee

Back to wilderness

Wilderness instructor Tatjana Falk knows about how to survive in nature.

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Kristin Biebl: Von der Großen Kanzel kann man bei schönem Wetter sogar die Alpen sehen

Diving deep into Germany’s oldest National Park

Ranger Kristin guides visitors through the wild and original landscapes of the Bavarian Forest.

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Die Fexer: Das Trio vor den begeisterten Zuschauer am Blasius-Festival

Bavarian brass music reloaded

The “Fexer” brass trio mixes folk music with modern genres and reinterprets rock classics with gusto.

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