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Five times the love for city thrills

Be it a big city or small town, hotspot or insider tip? Bavaria’s cities cover the whole range. Here, we present five of them to you. Blogger Sarah Eichhorn (Josie Loves) worked her photography magic there for you

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Five city tips for Bavaria

SPONSORED STORY Bavaria’s cities are varied and well worth seeing. They are ideal for a day trip or – even better – a short holiday. Our tips have something for history and culture buffs, foodies and Window shoppers alike.


1. Erlangen – the smallest major city in Bavaria

As one of the best-preserved baroque planned towns in Germany, Erlangen attracts visitors with its diversity, stunning nature and, of course, a beer culture that is still alive and thriving today.

In the heart of the city, you can stroll and relax in the magnificent palace garden. Right next door, you’ll find the Botanical Garden with around 4,000 plant species from all over the world.

The beer brewed in Erlangen is best tasted in two places: At the “Steinbach Bräu”, where a visit to the beer museum is well worth the time, and up on the “Berch” – home of the famous “Bergkirchweih” – on “Entla’s Keller” with an impressive view of the Huguenot city. More Information: and here in our story

Dachauer Schloss

Following the artist’s path – Dachau

At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, Dachau was one of the most important European artists’ colonies. Dachau pays tribute to its tradition as a city of artists with the Künstlerweg.

Starting from the town hall terrace, the tour follows in the footsteps of artists over 18 stations and comprises a range of artwork for about six kilometres in the old town, at the palace with the court garden, along the Amper river and back via the so-called “lower” town.

Many of the paintings shown here can be found in their original form in the permanent exhibition of the Dachau Gallery, which focuses on the Dachau Artists’ Colony. You can find out more about Dachau, its history and sights during a guided tour or at Dachau.en.


Enjoy a romantic short break in Füssen

Bavaria’s highest city inspires visitors not only with its 2,000+ years of history, but also with breathtaking buildings. The Hohes Schloss (High Castle) towers over the city as a landmark.

After just a five-minute walk from the old town, you can enjoy nature and hike along the Lech to the Lech Falls. In addition, the treetop trail in the forest adventure centre awaits explorers, as does the short hike up Kalvarienberg (Calvary Hill).

The story of Bavaria’s fairytale king Ludwig II is not only present through the royal castles around Füssen, but can also be experienced in the Musical Theatre Neuschwanstein directly on Lake Forggensee in the musical Ludwig². More Information: Füssen.en


Experience Landshut

Anyone who lives in Bavaria is familiar with the Landshut Wedding. Even some 550 years later, this special historical event is still very much present in the charming town in south-eastern Bavaria, and visitors encounter it at every turn. In Landshut, an abundance of history and culture comes together in a very special atmosphere: small shops, restaurants and plenty of joie de vivre.

You have to see St. Martin’s Church with the highest brick tower in the world, Traunsitz Castle, and also the impressive Rathausprunksaal (a stunning hall situated within the Town Hall). The murals of this stately hall tell the story of the Landshut wedding: the marriage of George, Duke of Bavaria (son of the reigning Duke at the time), and Hedwig, daughter of the Polish King, an event that was the largest and most pompous in Europe at the time.

Since 1904, the “Landshut Wedding 1475”, now an intangible cultural heritage, has been re-enacted every four years. The time will come again in 2023. More information: and in our story



Discover Fürth in relaxed style

Ever visited the cloverleaf city of Fürth? No? Then let’s get going! Fürth is a real insider tip.

The picturesque alleys of the old town invite you to stroll; from the town hall tower, you can enjoy a magnificent view, and in the city park, you can relax amidst lots of greenery. So if you fancy an uncomplicated city break, this is the place for you.

The “Stadtparkcafé” and the “Stubenhocker” restaurant offer modern culinary delights. Of course, vegan delicacies are also on the menu there. When looking to enjoy a coffee break by the water, it’s best to go to the “Café Badhaus” with its adjacent artists’ studios and waterfront promenade. There, you can also put your feet in the cool waters of the River Rednitz. More information: tourismus-fü

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