"Loisach Marci": Die Musiker Marcel Engler und Jens-Peter Abele
No limits!

Marcel Engler and Jens-Peter Abele combine Alphorn, dulcimer and brass instruments with electrobeats and Bavarian dialect. The result? No Lederhosen techno, but rather music that make you want to dance and embrace the world

Musik duo „Loisach Marci“

Rhythmic bass notes fill the air. White spotlights light up the stage. After a couple of beats, an electric guitar and a harmonica take up the melody. They are interspersed with occasional passages of text – sometimes sung, sometimes spoken, in Bavarian dialect. The two men on the stage allow themselves to be led – by the music, by the audience and by the atmosphere. They play in and for the moment and give in completely to the rhythm.

Jens-Peter (links) und Marcel: Echte bayerische Freigeister

Alpehorn meets electro

Blending traditional old instruments with modern electronic music has proved a successful recipe for “Loisach Marci”. The music duo consists of the Garmisch-born Marcel “Marci” Engler and music producer Jens-Peter Abele. Together, they create a distinctive traditional yet modern sound, which conveys old values and interprets natural Alpine tones in a contemporary way – making them typical Bavarian free spirits.

The two musicians have been refining their unusual sound since summer 2015. While Marcel Engler looks the more traditional of the two in his Lederhose and felt hat, Jens-Peter Abele prefers a more contemporary look: Muscle shirt, horn-rimmed glasses and a cap. From a purely visual perspective, “Loisach Marci” are a totally unlikely pair, but on the stage they form a perfect symbiosis – just like their musical creations.

100 years of musical history

"March your way through 100 years of musical history"

Marcel Engler comes from a musical family and grew up in Garmisch-Partenkirchen surrounded by music and its many influences. He therefore finds it perfectly natural to merge different styles in order to create something new.

His colleague, Jens-Peter Abele, views traditional Bavarian music as a rich treasure chest that imparts ancient knowledge. They draw on these traditions to come up with new inspiration for their music. “Come to a ‘Loisach Marci’ concert and see for yourself how you can march your way through 100 years of musical history,” says the producer.

"Loisach Marci" haben Fans aus allen Altersgruppen

Music at the heart

An Alphorn leans against a type of DJ mixing desk. Marcel Engler reaches for the long wooden pipe and blows into the mouthpiece. Earthy natural tones stream out of the curved end of this old shepherd’s instrument. They generate an avant-garde sound, which releases a sort of magic and sends many listeners into a state of ecstasy.

He feels the music in his heart and simply chooses the instrument he happens to fancy at the time – regardless of whether he has mastered it or not. This incredible virtuoso plays 13 instruments. He is totally unfazed, even by hitherto unfamiliar musical instruments such as African horns. “Marcel takes an intuitive approach and soon finds a way in – both mechanically and musically – so can play a tune in no time.

It’s really amazing,” says Jens-Peter Abele. The Alphorn, over 400 years old, with its calming, earthy tone is a particular favourite of Marcel Engler: “It’s simply good for the soul – I felt that as a child,” claims the man from Garmisch.

Rein modisch betrachtet ein völlig ungleiches Duo

... from Loisach Marci

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