Blick auf Wohnbereich in den Hollerhöfen
Village life – the refined way

In the carefully renovated historic craftsmen’s houses and the modern main building, the stress of everyday city life is far removed. Families and business people alike love Elisabeth Zintl’s revived rural idyll in Germany’s Upper Palatinate region

Höllerhöfe in Waldeck

SPONSORED STORY  The scent of fresh grass and wood fire floats over the meadow and mingles with the aroma of grilled Oberpfälzer sausages. Families and groups of friends have settled around a few fire bowls, enjoying country life on the Hollerhöfe farms on a balmy summer evening. Barbecuing with one’s own fair hands is an offer that Elisabeth Zintl has come up with for the guests of the Hollerhöfe.

For this, you can choose from various refined barbecue packages according to your heart’s desire and particular appetite, charcoal is provided and the romantic surroundings are, of course, also included. The twinkling starry sky stretches out far above everything else, as velvety darkness still reigns in the countryside. Only from the historic “Ackerbürgerhäuser” – where guests can stay – does a little light shimmer.

Everything is Real

Authentic country life – that sounds like the dream of far-removed city dwellers, but it really exists at the Hollerhöfe farms. Everything is real: the soft snorting of horses, a sea of white elderflowers, hammocks slung between apple trees, wild corners where herbs blossom. The ruins of Waldeck Castle on Schlossberg, which can be seen from the large garden, seem entirely removed from reality.

Detaliansicht mit Sessel Hollerhöfen

You can experience all this as an inhabitant of one of the charming 18th century cottages. With the subtle difference that blacksmiths, cobblers or scribes, who moved into the now listed houses from 1794 onwards, could not have imagined today’s luxury. They probably had to make do with a bucket of cold water, whereas today, you can enjoy maximum luxury in a spacious feel-good area.

We've been running the inn in the village since 1780

The Unique Aura of the Cottages

“When we bought the old houses in 2005 and carefully renovated them, we did so with great respect for the previous generations,” Elisabeth Zintl emphasises. “My family is part of the surviving fabric, we have been running the inn in the village since 1780.

It’s no longer there, but our inn “Landhaus zum Hirschen”, which we have rebuilt on the same site, is committed to this keen sense of tradition. The locals like to come to the regulars’ table after church.”

Gastgeberin Elisabeth Zintl mit Heubett in den Hollerhöfen

Elisabeth Zintl agreed with her architect that the aura of the old craftsmen’s cottages should also be retained in the interior design. The old ceiling beams of rough wood show the structure of the buildings. The wooden furniture is upholstered with fabrics in earthy tones, such as ochre, moss green, oxide brown and mustard yellow.

Limed walls and delicate linens in off-white enhance the minimalist style. Nothing has an imposing effect here. The architecture underpinning the houses still offers a glimpse of life as it was all those hundreds of years ago: massive walls showing in the window and door arches and the small mullioned windows prevented the precious warmth from escaping.

Passion for Herbs

“We didn’t have to contort ourselves into a whole new form when it came to the design, the simple style suits us people of Upper Palatinate. The fact that we have rushed ahead of the spirit of the times with this is now of real benefit for us,” Elisabeth Zintl is pleased to say. On the farm where the hostess grew up, there was neither time for (nor an understanding of) frills.

They grew grain and potatoes, they ran the inn and lived modestly. Grandma’s “Hollerkücherl” (elder cakes), which were always available during the hay harvest, are among her fondest memories.

Holler-Manufaktur am Abend in den Hollerhöfen
Holler-Manufaktur in den Hollerhöfen

 “I want to bring the beautiful nature of Upper Palatinate and way of life closer to our guests,” Elisabeth Zintl describes her transformation into a hostess. “I learned management as a branch manager of a savings bank, and then hotel management.

My training as a herb guide is a great source of inspiration to me, which has made me appreciate the nearby surroundings even more.” Mugwort, in particular, belongs to Germany’s Upper Palatinate region – great with roast venison and goose breast, and so she grows it in her herb garden.

Everything Revolves Around Elderberry

You can enjoy such good home-style dishes at the “Landhaus zum Hirschen”, she’ll make sure of that as head chef. If you want to try some wild herbs and immerse yourself in the local flora, why not book a guided tour. Grandma’s beloved elder cakes are just one reason why Elisabeth Zintl had eight hundred elder bushes planted.

Flowers and fruits also make delicious liqueur, syrup and jam. And according to old beliefs, good spirits live in elder bushes. They protect the residents and guests of the picturesque Hollerhöfe.

Innenansicht in den Hollerhöfen

At a glance

  • Meeting room in the “Tiny House” and in the barn
  • Large wellness area
  • Parking facility for bicycles
  • Free parking spaces
  • Dogs allowed

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