Eingang zum Hotel EMICH'S in der Altstadt von Amorbach
Baroque splendour in the Odenwald

In the Princely Abbey’s direct vicinity with its magnificent baroque church, the Princely Family of Leiningen opened this elegant boutique hotel in March 2019 – a stylish setting ideal for celebrations, conferences or a holiday in nature with a stately ambience to boot

EMICH's Hotel in Amorbach

SPONSORED STORY It boasts just under 4,000 inhabitants, yet the town of Amorbach is entitled to bear the proud title of “Prince’s Residence”. Beautiful baroque buildings and old half-timbered houses line the cobblestone streets, which with names such as “Kellereigasse”, “Steinerne Gasse” or “Schenkgasse” are reminiscent of times long past.

“EMICH’S Hotel” is located in “Schmiedsgasse”, just a few steps away from the former Benedictine abbey. Cyclists and hikers, those seeking recreation and cultural fans will find a wide range of opportunities in this geographical triad nestled between the states of Bavaria, Hesse and Baden-Württemberg.

Blick auf die Gebäude in der Altstadt Amorbach

Since 1803, the princely family of Leiningen – originally descended from a widely branched princely family from the Palatinate region – has had its seat in Amorbach; for a time, the abbey served as its residence. Today, it houses beautifully restored seminar and event rooms full of stucco work, double doors and crystal chandeliers. Especially the “Green Room” originating from 1792, with its delicate wall panelling in “mountain green” and “lead white” shows that even the monks knew how to appreciate the good life.

Fürst zu Leiningen: Andreas und Alexandra zu Leiningen

Awakened to Embrace a New Life

For ten years, Andreas, Prince of Leiningen had been entertaining the idea of reviving the former “Hotel zur Post”. At the beginning of the 20th century, the philosopher Theodor W. Adorno, who had spent his childhood there, later enthused: “The difference between Amorbach and Paris is less than that between Paris and New York.”

Some 100 years after Adorno’s stay, the Prince was keen to open up new tourist opportunities for this charming little town and neighbouring Odenwald: “After all, my family has been connected to the town of Amorbach for more than 200 years, with all its fateful endeavours and stories. That is why EMICH’S Hotel also bears a traditional first name of my family,” says the Prince.

Zimmer mit Doppelbett im
Tischdekoration Hotel EMICH'S

In May 2019, the time had come: a total of 50 classically elegant rooms were now available in the half-timbered main house and the idyllic garden house, with four additional beds in the romantic fisherman’s house in the lake garden – a location particularly popular with wedding couples. The guiding principle of design: high-quality fixtures and fittings, without too many frills, but well thought out in detail. Princess Alexandra takes care of the many small, charming touches, such as the fresh flower arrangements.

High-quality fixtures and fittings, without too many frills

Classic Cars in the Shed

“When the weather is nice, guests can enjoy their breakfast on the terrace,” says Nadine Englert. “The birds chirp away here in the morning, and the sun comes out around ten o’clock. Afterwards, a walk in the lake garden 500 metres away under old trees, strolling past green spaces and the small lake where swans swim majestically around, is certainly a good idea.

Guests enjoy exploring the diverse landscape that characterises the Odenwald mountain range with its many castles and ruins in their own vehicle. As a classic car fan, Prince Andreas has already convinced a number of clubs and automotive treasure fans to choose the Fürstlicher Marstall with its coach houses as the starting point for fun-filled outings. “We even had a club with several pre-war Rolls-Royce models once,” Nadine Englert recalls, “which is, of course, a real spectacle for the other guests.”

Blick auf die Burgruine Wildenberg im Wald
Kunst an der Decke der Abtei Amorbach
Blick auf das EMICH'S Hotelgebäude von außen

At a glance

  • 51 rooms and suites in 6 categories
  • 4 meeting rooms for 5 to 60 people
  • Parking facility for bicycles
  • Free parking spaces

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