Sitzecke im Sightsleeping-Hotel
Urban Flair in a Country Hotel

When Marcus W. Eismann’s great-grandfather – a gentleman who enjoyed extensive travel – took over the imposing hotel in 1906, cosmopolitanism had officially made its mark on Ruhpolding. With understated luxury and personal attention to detail, the Eismanns continue with the tradition of this unique establishment

Alpenhotel Wittelbach

SPONSORED STORY Works of art by Sebastian Eismann, a pastel colour concept and mid-century-style carpets harmonise with selected retro furniture in the Alpenhotel Wittelsbach. “Some guests would simply love to roll up in the furniture van and take one or two beautiful specimens with them,” remarks Marcus W. Eismann, and not without a sense of pride. “Above all, they are keen on plucking our veranda furnishing for themselves, which sport a 60s style. That’s because there are replicas of the chairs from the Hotel Königshof in Munich.”

Extravagance at Home in the Mountains

When Eismann’s grandmother ordered the replicas for the Alpenhotel Wittelsbach, she counted on winning over society’s upper echelons, a group that appreciates the style of cosmopolitan hotels like the renowned “Königshof”.  A certain extravagance characterises the 4-star superior hotel to this day. Marcus W. Eismann is glad that only careful renovations were ever carried out, so that the building’s charm – itself erected in 1888 by Italian master builders – was carefully preserved. “The 50s chic bar is well worth a visit. Today, mid-century retro is all the rage, especially when you combine such heirlooms with cool modern furniture!”

Blick über Ruhpolding im Sightsleeping-Hotel

But not only are the chairs staying put. Guests have also been prohibted from taking the hotel dog Benji, the cat Blacky, the mountains, teatime in the salon, the relaxed atmosphere – all the things that money can’t buy. The greatest luxury is the park-like, overgrown garden with a view of “Sonntagshorn” and “Rauschberg” mountains.

Tables have been set up between flowers and trees, where children are allowed to swing, slide and play with sand in their own special area, while dogs sip their vitalised water from crystal stone bowls. Marcus W. Eismann loves to stroll from table to table, getting a feel for the vibes: who fancies a bit of cultivated small talk, who wants to enjoy the peace and quiet?

Luxury that does not impose itself, but which you can feel

Luxury with Understatement

It’s the little details and comforts that testify to the hosts’ empathy. “We don’t do ostentation and pomp, gold taps and that kind of stuff. We prefer understatement, i.e. luxury that doesn’t get in your face, but which you can feel." With that in mind, heavenly sleep is guaranteed on box-spring mattresses, guests can enjoy the stunning rain shower or the straight-lined fittings to be found in the steam bath. Slim armchairs and beautiful, functional desks are made by a Traunstein carpentry workshop based on the Eismanns’ designs.

Gastgeber Marcus W. Eismann bei der Tea Time
Stilvoller Zimmer im Sightsleeping-Hotel

“Designing is great fun for us,” as Marcus W. Eismann explains the demand for perfection that drives him and his wife Anja. “We feel very close to my great-grandfather. He had travelled far and wide in the world, but then left Munich, Paris and London behind for a village in the mountains. We too deliberately chose the tranquil life here, after professional stints in bigger cities, such as London.”

Teatime – Just Like in England

Marcus W. Eismann brought his passion for tea to the Chiemgau Alps from England. As “TeaMaster® Gold”, he serves over a hundred different teas, from the finest First Flush Darjeeling from India, to Silver Needle Tea from Fujian. In order to take part in his Chinese tea ceremony, some guests travel significant distances. “The Chinese tea ceremony is not as strictly ritualised as the Japanese. But here too, all the senses are focused on the tea, the fragrant leaf, the colour and the aroma borne by the infusion. Those who are willing to engage with it sharpen their senses for the small, subtle things.”

Gastgeber Marcus W. Eismann und seine Frau Anja

Even outside the hotel door, Ruhpolding remains every bit an “ideal world”. Winkelmoosalm and Steinplatte are well-known for winter sports. The Eismanns tend to go out in the summer. With the camper, they take a few days off every now and then. Between Chiemsee and Königssee, they can, therefore, recommend everything to their guests – from a bathing beach with rowing boat rental, to a guided tour of Herrenchiemsee; they also know every “Steckerlfisch-Büdchen” – a Bavarian culinary delight involving fish on a stick – as well as Heinz Winkler’s gourmet restaurant in Aschau.

The Grandmother's Cookbook

“Our own cuisine is down-to-earth and regional,” says Marcus W. Eismann, “We place my grandmother’s handwritten cookbook into the hands of every new cook. As inspiration." What is currently being celebrated by the young, wild culinary scene in Berlin – #nosetotail – has long been an established principle at the in-house restaurant “Gillitzers”: offal. Ox cheek and lamb shank are particularly popular. The hosts live in an annex building on the hotel grounds. “We can’t imagine it any other way, being close to the guests is our chosen way of life. We love the atmosphere with which guests from all over the world enrich our lives!”

Stilvolle Elemente im Sightsleeping-Hotel

At a glance

  • 27 rooms, 5 suites
  • Paradise garden spanning 1300 sqm with a view of the mountains
  • Steam baths and infrared sun shower in selected rooms
  • 100 top teas and teatime with “TeaMaster® Gold” Marcus W. Eismann
  • Restaurant Gillitzer’s with fine regional and international cuisine

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