Außenansicht des Alpenhotel Krone in Pfronten mit alpiner Lüftlmalerei
A serene feeling that only the mountains can conjure

This modern alpine hotel in the former town hall combines apparent opposites in a heart-warming way: the enjoyment of nature and fine dining, a regulars’ table and boardroom celebrations, cosiness and a cool, sleek design

Alpenhotel Krone

SPONSORED STORY Why does the late baroque Lüftl painting on the façade of the Alpenhotel Krone in Pfronten show Magnus – the patron saint of beer – of all people? Wasn’t it files that were rolled through in the former collegiate office building, or was it in fact beer o’clock instead? In fact, two hundred years ago, the officials and their files had to leave the place to merry revealers.

The “Kronenstube” developed into a second home for the citizens of Pfronten. The entire building’s hip redesign, leading to the creation of the exclusive “Alpenhotel Krone” has not changed much. Most of the regulars were not driven away by the breath of fresh air that wafted through the old building. On the contrary: they like the modern yet homely cuisine and the light design that has enveloped what used to be a dark inn.

Gaststube im Alpenhotel Krone in Pfronten

The Triad of loden, suede and wood

“The Allgäu people tend to be rather reserved, and that is also reflected in their taste,” at least that is how host Katrin Heinz got to know her new fellow citizens in Pfronten five years ago. “We pick up on the rural mood through materials that we use sparingly and purposefully, i.e. loden, suede, wood.

The rooms, wellness area and conference facilities leave plenty of space for your own personality thanks to their clear, unobtrusive design. Nothing imposes itself here. Our guests from out of town, especially if they come from larger cities, do not like exaggerated alpine decorations. Why do you need cowbells on the wall when you can hear them ringing in the alpine meadows?”

Katrin Heinz was lured by the job advertisement – away from the diversity of cultural life in Munich to the quiet rural town of Pfronten. “It was an adjustment,” she admits, “but the executive position as Hotel Manager really appealed to me. I am a perfectionist. In a small place, that’s a feature of mine that can really enjoy free reign. Everything has to fit, but still look casual.”

Hotelchefin des Alpenhotel Krone in Pfronten: Katrin Heinz

Mysterious Alatsee

Katrin Heinz is still getting to know the secret (and rather obvious) advantages of her new home. Above all, the alpine climate – with its rapid changes in weather and its fragrant air – will be sure to put you in a good mood, she thinks. “I’m usually in a good mood anyway, and when I’m not, I go for a walk by my favourite lake,” she says. Lake Alatsee is seated in picturesque fashion in a hollow, shimmering blue-green setting against the panorama of the Vilser Alps. No wonder that mythical creatures settle here and lines of untold power traverse it, at least that is what the tales spun around the mysterious lake would have you believe.

Anticipating Guests’ Wishes

She has to leave the many interesting cultural excursions involving royal castles and the Falkenstein to her guests: there’s simply no time. Katrin Heinz welcomes visitors all the time, and she likes to take care of them.

Chef Martin Peters likes to think up new delicacies

Even on the phone, when it comes to planning a stay at the “Alpenhotel Krone”, she tries, as a good hostess, to guess what is important to her future guests by their voice and expressions. “People skills are important in the hotel business. For me, it means anticipating wishes before they are stated,” this is how she describes her role.

Intuition helped her to hire her chef Martin Peters last year. “This chef is an artist, I found him through an ad on Instagram. I knew after one minute that Martin Peters was a good fit for us. In the very second week, he hosted a festive dinner for the hotel owners – an international engineering company – and passed with flying colours. Our Japanese guests were also thrilled,” she reports, “He likes to think up new delicacies, sometimes coming over with a small plate of something wonderful to try.”

Pine Scent for a Good Night’s Sleep

Informal discussions after a conference in a stimulating setting in the lounge, or a tasting evening with culinary accompaniment – it’s all possible here. The elegant wine cellar is also popular for celebrations. “Sometimes a guest wants a walk through the wine cellar,” says Katrin Heinz, who also provides wine advice for the menus. “Even wine connoisseurs are amazed by some of our rarities.”

The Alpenhotel Krone very successfully treads that fine line between modern simplicity and the homely feeling of country life. Chickens cluck away at the neighbour’s, but hopefully, the rooster keeps his beak tightly shut. If not, the pine scent wafting in from the neighbourhood will be sure to calm you down. The wood’s essential oils ensure a deep and healthy night’s sleep. Mixed in with this is the scent of alpine flowers (and a hint of cow). With that, guests at the “Alpenhotel Krone” are among the most relaxed people in all of Pfronten.

Alpenhotel Krone in Pfronten

At a glance

  • 30 rooms, 2 suites
  • Parking facility for bicycles
  • Free parking available
  • Panorama sauna and fitness room
  • “Königscard” included: this guest card offers 200 breathtaking experiences – from the high ropes course to the chocolatier, including free e-bike rental)

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